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Forums -> Misc Topics -> reincarnation

Post # 1
a few of my friends tend to have dreams of what they call their past lives such as being in a greek temple or walking along the nile. they often claim to be reincarnated and joke about the possiblity of me being a reincarnate. i was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the idea of reincarnation and if its real.if so does anyone know how to find out who i was in a past life.
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Re: reincarnation
Post # 2
Reincartnation i my opinion is real however noone has proof its all a matter of what you believe, the was a programme on tv a while back where people were hypnotised and their past lives where shown, however we don't know for sure if this is just imagination. However I do believe we have all had past lives and frequently so we have had them numerous times. However whenever you are hypnotised or try and find out what that past life was you don't know which one you are viewing as time is a fragile thing; it doesn't exist it is just a man made limitation which means all of your lives are happening right now simultaneously but still occur in a different period of history, your soul has many parts and when we die we go back to source and our sou becomes one again and thats when we remember every single on of our lives, each life has a mission, something to do in order for your soul to grow and manifest if this is not achieved your soull has even more lives.

Just a theory that even I don't completely understand, decide for yourself :)
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Re: reincarnation
Post # 3
If you possess runes and know how to read them, I can advise you rune alignment (guessing) on the topic of reincarnation.
by Rune alignment of Blum

alignment of the scheme is as follows (the order of disposition of the runes):


1. Forces influence the birth and early childhood.
2. today
3. Factors in the past, which led to this situation.
4. The dominant effects of the previous incarnation,
5. The future incarnation, and how you create it now

apportionments have to pull a rune (a rune one) and ask: "Do I allowed to get this information?"

There are also schemes to the alignment of the Tarot.

In addition, there are special runic forumly that allow your subconscious to pull out information about past lives.
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Re: reincarnation
By: / Novice
Post # 4
proving reincarnation is real is like asking to prove heaven's real. it's a faith, not a fact. the main belief though of reincarnation in wicca is each lifetime, your spirit has to learn a lesson, so it'll be reborn as a wealthy man, a poor woman, a cat, a sick child, an average person, so on, so forth. yet with each life, you tend to be reborn with the same people. so, your friends and family and pets, maybe the roles were moved around, but you knew them in the past life also.

while this is the life that matters and you shouldn't dwell on the past ones. [there was a story i was told once where someone was bragging up they were a king in a past life and a person turns and replies 'that's wonderful. what great thing have you done to make this life worthy?'] you can do a few things like hypnotism or skrying, but in my opinion the best method is meditation. once you're in your meditative state and have shut your mind off, you may see things from your past, sometimes relive moments.
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Re: reincarnation
Post # 5
It's 'real' I had a very vivid way of finding out I was someone 'else' way back when (you'd have to msg me for the story it's LONG ) Anyway for me ( before anyone says otherwise) I know there is. To find out who 'you' were is difficult if you have not had 'any' inkling so far. There are a 'few' methods again msg me for them.
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Re: reincarnation
Post # 6

So why would you have such a dream?
A past-life dream will come to you to shed light on issues youre dealing with now, issues that have their roots from a past life.
The characters in the dream are usually people youre involved with in your present life.
If you have some karma to work out with someone close to you, you may dream about a past life together so you can better understand the dynamic in your relationship and move on.
For instance, if you cant comprehend why you immediately disliked your sisters boyfriend, you may dream that you were unhappily married in the distant past, which will hopefully help you forgive each other and end the cycle of animosity.

Past-life dreams help clarify whats happening in your life.
They can explain why a relationship is so difficult, or why youre enmeshed in a challenging situation (karma!).
This knowledge can help you resolve the past so you can move forward with increased freedom to a more fulfilling life this time around.

I've seen dreams posted out here that seem to be about a past life from time to time....Some folks feel that everything that ever happened is stored in a kind of cosmic warehouse, and that individuals can tap into that information from time to time. Sometimes people feel they have dreamed about a past life, but it isn't really a past life, but information from that cosmic warehouse that they are dreaming about. For example, if you dream you are Cleopatra in a past life, it could be that you were Cleopatra, it could be that you weren't Cleopatra, but were able to tap into the warehouse, and access information about Cleopatra, or it could be that Cleopatra is a significant symbol to you, and you have to look into your associations with her for insight. Some folks feel that memories of everything that ever happened are stored in our very cells, and that we can access the information there. If it exists within your body, then you can dream about it, which means if the memories of all of your past lives are stored there, you can access them, or could mean that if all memories of all experience from the beginning of time are stored in your cells, then you can tap that. I do believe that the mind is capable of doing amazing things, but our awareness is limited in that respect, so when someone dreams of something that doesn't seem like a normal dream and makes you go ooooooooo, well, then we start looking for explanations what else it could be. I feel the mind is freer to wander in sleep, we lose inhibitions that would keep us from perceiving things while awake, in being in the more relaxed state of sleep we may be able to perceive those things. There are many recorded instances of people who dreamed of a past life, then went to investigate the circumstances of the dream, and were able to find out things about the person they dreamed about that matched up to the dream, things like deja vu in places they had never been before, verifying information of a particular lifetime through old records, and things of that sort. If you have a dream that you feel is about a past life, then you can write down the details such as place names, names of people, etc, and set out to verify and investigate. There are some stories out there of people who died with unfinished business, and set out to complete it when they became aware of it in the next life through dreams...

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