Questions before I begin

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Questions before I begin
Post # 1
1. Can you cast spells on other people ?
2. What kind of side effects can type of magic have ?
And 3. I like anime/manga ( one in particular ) and I was wondering if there was something like an artificial world where I could be in it ?

You don't have to answer them all, one would be nice.
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Re: Questions before I begin
Post # 2
1) yes
2) depends on what you believe
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Re: Questions before I begin
Post # 3
1. Yes of course, you do not need their permission

2. Many, spells and magic MUST be done properly

3. There are no such worlds as this in real life
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Re: Questions before I begin
Post # 4
1. As you already know yes you can cast spells on other people with or without their permission however you must be ready to accept the consequences of casting on someone without their permission.
2. As with all things magic has reprucussions.
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Re: Questions before I begin
Post # 5

Yes you can cast spells on other people and do workings on them. Whether or not you ask their permission before hand is up to you and your ethics and morals. As general advice before doing any working involving someone other than yourself, just think about how it will affect them before you considering affecting them and their life in anyway. Think about the consequence too and other people it may affect. But ultimately it is up to you to decide, but as said before you do not technically need a persons' permission, however I personally ask out of respect.

As I said before think about the effects the spell will have either on a person, yourself, or multiple people. Magic is manifesting your will into reality among many other things and in all sense any action has an equal and opposite reaction. I usually tend to think heavily and contemplate on any spell and working before I actually take action and proceed with it. However the most important thing is to focus, be specific on your goals and intent, and then use your desire and will to cast (manifest) it into reality.

As far as your question about liking a anime/manga and wanting to be in a artificial world that simulates it, my best suggestions for your are Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection, as well as Creative Visualization. Each of those methods have the ability to simulate or project your will and imagination into almost anything you wish, although to create such a detailed world as you'd like would most likely take many years and patience to practice and experiment with different techniques. But other than that there is no way to actually transport yourself to an artificial world in any sense of the word.

I wish you luck in whatever direction and path you take. I also encourage you to read, study, and practice the basics as you are just beginning on your magical journey.



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Re: Questions before I begin
Post # 6
1. Absolutely. It happens all the time, whether the spell was cast in general (indirectly) or was directly cast upon somebody. Examples of these spells would be love spells, glamour (where you cast on yourself to bring qualities of yourself out into the open), and curses. I believe somewhere in the article section of the site, it states that even if the other person doesn't believe in magick, they can be affected by it. I suggest you look through the article section for that quote :P

2. Sometimes spells can backfire, they can give you a completely irrelevent result, And sometimes spells can harm people. There are a lot of potential side effects of casting spells. All of which you will most likely experience and learn from. (It is important that you accept and embrace failure for what it is, a learning experience).

3.No, there is not. Quit fantasizing because it isn't going to happen :P
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