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Show Me How
Post # 1
Hello. I'm totally new to Paganism. I've had an interest in it for many, many years. I think it was in the early 90s when late my friend told me of her mother's tarot reading skills. I studied this a little got a handful of books and ended up more confused as they all said different things.

Over the years I've crossed the paths of many people involved in various forms of paganism (mainly wicca) but when I ask them to show me more they change the subject. Again I've been out and bought books and learnt a little but there are many things on which I am, so far, totally clueless.

Meditation, I sit in a quiet room and banish all thoughts. This is as much as I know. I don't know what it should feel like or what I should notice

Raising energy, As above, I don't know if I'm doing it right, if I should feel anything drastic. Should I feel the hair on my arms standing on end or strange tingling, or should I just know.

I'm sure many more questions will follow but this will get me started for now.
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Re: Show Me How
Post # 2
Hello welcome to som I am Kris. with raising energy it can depends on the method that you are using and what method are you using.

With meditation you should fell like if you are going to sleep but I am not completely sure.
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Re: Show Me How
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I suggest reading these and the other articles in this section of the sacred texts site.

As for raising energy, it's a lot like the rush you feel when overcome with excitement or in negative cases, rage. That type of energy charge that makes you feel like jumping up and down and screaming. But instead of acting like a nut, you take that energy with focus and will and direct it towards a magick goal. =)

Meditation is a way to gain peace in mind, body and emotions. If you feel peaceful and relaxed, with no worries or tension, you're meditating. Sometimes thoughts will come, but they're to be acknowledged and let go of. The deeper you go into meditation, the more you'll achieve the desired "just existing" experience. It's extremely good for your wellbeing and the state of mind you want before practicing magick. This way, when you do desire focus on a goal, you will do so entirely without interruption from unwanted thoughts, emotions, or physical tension that can disrupt your work. It's about entering a higher state of consciousness that connects your mind securely to pure mind, emotion and spirit (no physical connection). Meditation is the first step to trance--aka higher level of consciousness, something similar to induced lucid dreaming which renders your consciousness beyond your physical existence into a sort of freedom for your spirit/energy to accomplish what it needs to unrestrained.
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Re: Show Me How
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
So, for meditation, I found a couple videos I think that will help you. Here they are:

I hope they help you.

Here is a video or two on how to raise energy. Everybody has their own methods, and here is how this woman does this (first video). It works really well, i tried it (but it may not work for you).

On a side note. Studying is not all of practicing magick. The experience is just as much of a teacher as the books you devour. :D I suggest you try and perform spells to help your understanding of how they work, how to do them, and the ethics in place.
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Re: Show Me How
Post # 5
Thankyou all so much. I've already got more from you guys than I have from three months of reading a big pile of books. Going to have a butchers at those youtube clips now and see how I go from there. Blessings to you all :)
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