vampire spell

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vampire spell
Post # 1
I need help with a vampire transformation spell
can amyone help

Re: vampire spell
Post # 2
another vampire aspirant.. wew!!! wake up boy.. there's no such thing as vampire transformation spell.. read all through out the site so you would know.. there are lots of like you here..

Re: vampire spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from Site Spells Discussion.

Re: vampire spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
you cannot change in the pysical to a vampire, magic cannot do that. astrally perhaps you can, but physically no. look into blood magic, and things asociated with vampires like a tarot deck or something, psy vampires takes training but can be achieved. you can't become a vampire, you are born human, so you can only be human.

Re: vampire spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
You can not physically transform yourself into any creature, such as a "vampire". You may be able to change your appearance through a glamour spell but not anything of changing yourself into anything else.

Re: vampire spell
Post # 6
Could u help me with those spells or where to start

Re: vampire spell
Post # 7
You have been answered. You can not become a vampire. vampires do not exist. No spell will change that.

Re: vampire spell
Post # 8
(smirks) Well, there IS one thing, but it makes you a psy vampire, not a Sanguin.

Re: vampire spell
Post # 9
People don't become psi-vampires they are born as them, please stop mocking us, this is why I've kept silent so long. Being a psi-vampire is not a blessing its a curse, you don't know what its like to feel what others feel like through their aura and emotions. Seeing all these types of forms make me sad beyond belief. I just want you guys too understand the reason why I have kept silent isn't because I'm afraid of being muted its because I scared of what people will ask me to do. I can't turn anyone its impossible, I'm not immortal, I can't fly, infact I'm terrified of hights, I don't suck blood. Please just stop say you can become a psi-vampire and you want to be a blood sucking one. I know I'll probably get hate mail for this but I just couldn't hold it in any longer, maybe if guys understood that psi-vampires are human still too but just with this curse of having to draw off others to survive, and yes we do eat food and drink liquids still. Please just stop the nonsince.

Re: vampire spell
Post # 10
This is reality children. Being a psi-vampire is a burden and a serious thing. It's no all fun and games. You look no different, you have no eye-boggling abilities, you don't get super powers. It may sound cool, but to be honest it's only a classification. It's like saying yu'd want to get bit by a radioactive spider so you could be spiderman. Sounds cool right? You'd end up dying a painful death instead of shotting webs from your wrists. Same concept for psi-vampires.

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