Pain while practicing etc

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Pain while practicing etc

Pain while practicing etc
Post # 1
Okay, so I have a few questions that I've never really gotten an answer to when it comes to astral projection.

Question 1.When I try to astral project my body starts aching sort of. You're suppose to lie still right? But I get this huuuge urge to move and if I don't move my body starts to ache and it really hinders me when I'm trying to separate from my body. Does anyone know what's causing this?

Question 2. You say that everything we think can appear in the astral plane. But what separates astral projection from lucid dreaming then? Cause how can the astral plane be real if you're just making everything up in you mind?

Question 3. People who can astral project seems to think of it as quite fun and exiting. But if you're making everything up in your mind, won't it get predictable? To me it seems kind of boring to be controlling and deciding everything myself.

Question 4. Can astral projection be addictive in any way? You know cause what if you are more happy in the astral world and the real world? It might be simpler in the astral world than hin reality since you can do whatever you want to by just thinking it. I don't think this would happen to me though, I'm pretty happy with my life, haha! Still, I'm a little curious about this.

Thanks for the help!
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Re: Pain while practicing etc
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
1) The aches and pains are likely from not properly relaxing your body. Either you're not fully relaxed or you're forcing the relaxation. It could also be from not being accustomed to meditation.

2) he difference between Astral Projection and lucidic dreaming is that AP is the separation of the spiritual Body from the Physical body and that lucidic dreaming is the realization of dreaming whilst you are sleeping and dreaming. In both cases you can create things. But in lucidity you control what your mind created in the first place. In projection you add to and can alter what is already there. Either way you are only limited by your self.

3) AP can be rather fun and exciting once you get the hang of it. It's obviously predictable if you're making up things in the astral. But the reality of what is already in the astral is no more predictable than how the physical life is predictable. You can control what you do and what you make, but you can't help much in the matter of what is already there. If this is boring then the physical life you live would (I assume) would be just as boring. Then again, what is boring, and what is not, is just a mere opinionated perspective.

4) It's likely that some one may find them selves so much as being addicted to projecting astrally. I guess it's the same concept, or at least similar, to how people get addicted to shopping or gambling (for example).
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Re: Pain while practicing etc
Post # 3
So you say there's stuff in the astral plane that already there and not created by me? :)
Thanks so much for a great answer btw! You definitely have a lot of good points here. I hope I can get the hang of the realization part soon!
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