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Inactive Covens
Post # 1

Hello everyone, i know i wanted to ask about this. I think you have to be on the site for at least 3 months or so. I think i have been on here only for about a month right now. so i still have 2 more have to go through. I wanted to apply for shadow of the solitary witches coven becuase i wanted to become a member and maybe help revise the coven a little bit to be a member for now. But it seems like the priest and priestess haven't been on since feb 2012 and the priest hasn't been on since aug 2011. So i wont be able to get in.

I notice how we have so many covens and yet are inactive because of no new leadership has been taking over for them yet. I do understand on how they do this though, because you dont just want anyone taking over a coven and knowing the responsibility of running a coven as priestess. So i was wondering how dose one apply for leadership of a coven and how long it takes for them to look and process of one being the new prest or priestess? I am just curious. If no one is taking leadership or doing active postings and information for that coven right away. Then why are these covens even here on the site. If a coven is going to stay inactive for a long period of time. I think they should be deleted or removed. But other wise i would love the responsibility of running a coven. Because i am learning a lot about my path in magick and spiritualism. Would love to help others as well. But still though i would like to see some of these inactive covens become more active again.

Wanted to know what you guys thoughts where on this subject.

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Re: Inactive Covens
Post # 2

Sadly this kind of thing does tend to happen. There are many other active covens on this site though. I would suggest checking the leaders and members profiles for activity levels though if you are worried about joining a completely dead coven. If you think you have what it takes to revive a dead coven, I would contact the site's creater and manager Petrarca about the issue.

Hope this helps :)

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Re: Inactive Covens
Post # 3

Ahh i see. Thanks everyone. Then ill wait anyway because i know i am going to be busy with school right now to be able to run a coven. Might come back later and ask in the fall.

Blessed Be

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Re: Inactive Covens
Post # 4
still waiting for mine.
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