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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Meditation

By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hi Im a big fan of meditation, I was wondering if any of you have any tips on :
1) How to relax
2)what relaxing things do you think about when meditating?
3)How often do you meditate and how does it affect you?
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Re: Meditation
Post # 2

Here's a way to relax that is quite effective

Sit in a comfortable chair, with both feet flat on the floor, legs parallel to each other, spine straight. Your head will automatically balance itself on your neck, as if cradled by your spine - thus a head rest on the chair is unnecessary. Shoulders and arms simply hang loose, as your hands lie effortlessly atop your legs - or to one side. Eyes are closed

Breathe slowly and deeply, allowing your abdomen to fill to capacity with air. Establish a breathing rhythm. With each inhalation affirm that you are protected and whole, and that all is well. With each exhalation, affirm that all tension and stress, problems and concerns, are released

Move your consciousness to each area of your body, one section at a time, beginning with your feet and ankles. In your mind's eye, envision your feet and ankles at peace and completely resting

Continue to move your consciousness, this time to the area of your lower legs, knees, upper legs, and hips - relaxing each member as you do. Affirm complete and total peace for all

Now travel in consciousness to the trunk of your body, its many organs and functions. In your mind's eye, focus on each section as you affirm the reality of its perfect peace, perfect rest

Next, become aware of your chest, back, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, and hands. Clearly focus on each member, knowing that it is resting and at peace

Your neck, head, face, and brain are now totally relaxed as well. Know that this is so. Feel it. Affirm the peace that you are

While you drift in the joy of being completely relaxed, be aware that at some special spot within you is located your center - the very center of your being. Move your consciousness to that spot. Go there now. You know your center. You recognize the place. It is that part of you still connected to the purity that is God, the oneness of all creation. Your center is a place of radiance, of perfect love, perfect joy, perfect peace, perfect knowing. Just be there. Be in your center, safe and warm, secure in the knowledge that you are wonderful, and that you have the right to be who you are. For you are an expression of God's blessings, part of The Great Spirit and A Greater Plan for All Creation.

When it feels right to leave your center and return to full conscious awareness, do so slowly, in steps, knowing that at the count of three you will be wide awake and ready to resume your day. Counting one. . . affirm that every part of your being is healed and whole. Counting two. . . feel surges of energy refreshing and reinvigorating your body. And counting three. . . eyes open; you are alert, joyful and happy
About the other things you asked-i think it is private and you can ask me via mail, and i will tell you what i do. The way i gave you is
what i personally use
Bright blessings

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Re: Meditation
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thank you so much for this information
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