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Ouija board
Post # 1
How to make one?
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Re: Ouija board
Post # 2
If you want to make this board, you need a quality wood, wax, and varnish.
Wood is best to take hard rock.
Board cut, trimmed. After that, it burned to the appropriate symbols. Worth to remember that the edges need to retreat far enough, what would not create inconvenience for the session. Harvesting rubbed with wax, then covered with a uniform layer of varnish, so that there were no bruises, and the surface was smooth.
Slider, just made of any tree can be of various shapes. For added convenience, the slider has two pointers. The main (arrow) and central (hole in the center). This simplifies the job, as it allows the thumb to make way for a smaller board. The arrow indicates the top two rows of characters, and a pointer to the lower center.
On the board should also be drawn with a semi-circle. In his slider and placed before the session. This is the starting point.

Throughout its history the board made of marble, stone, glass, leather, clay
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Re: Ouija board
Post # 3

Hi stoioto,
The supplies needed to make your board and message indicator can be purchased at your local Walmart or a craft store. The materials used in this guide came from Walmart. For easy reference I have included the item name and upc number. Please note though, you can easily substitute other items as you see fit.

What you need;
Wire cutters
Aliphatic Wood glue
4 plastic thumbtacks
Paint or wood stain
Aerosol clear wood finish
3/16th inch drill bit
Carpentry knife or Xacto knife
Sharpie or permanent marker (or use paint)
Wooden Football
Wood board measuring approx. 17 long X 11 wide.
Board should be thin and completely level. If the board is warped it will not work properly.

Making the board

Decide which surface of the board will be the top. Apply a layer of light paint or wood stain. This layer will most likely be absorbed by the wood and you may need to apply another layer. If you would rather use a wood burning tool for this project you can skip this step.

Once you have the surface painted or stained and completely dry it's time to add the letters and words. Write the letters A trough M on one line and N trough Z on the next. You also need to add a numerical line with 1 trough 0. Once that is done add the words Yes, No, Goodbye.
You can add pictures or more words to your board if you want. Once this is completely dry spray on the clear wood finish. This will seal the wood to prevent UV and water damage. You may want to let the board dry and add additional layers to insure a smooth surface.

Congratulations, your board is now finished. Now on to the message indicator.

Making the message indicator

Find a circular object that's about 1 in diameter. With the white stripes of the footfall facing up place the circular object in the center of the football and trace around it using a pencil or pen. Now with the drill bit carefully drill several holes close together around the inner side of the circle. Once you have drilled all the way around carefully cut the remaining wood between each hole or use the drill bit to cut between each hole. Once that is done sand down the rough edges. You do not have to sand this opening so that it makes a perfect circle but you can if you want. I left my somewhat ridged because I liked how it looked.

Place one thumbtack beside the football's white stripe. You will notice the metal pin of the thumbtack is too long and will stick trough the football. Using the wire cutters carefully cut the thumbtack's metal pin so that it's just barely sticks out of the top. It's important that it pokes trough the surface about millimeter.

Once all four thumbtack's are cut push them trough the corner of the white stripe on the top and bottom of the stripe. The football should now look like a small table with a hole cut in the center. The thumbtacks are now the legs of the indicator. Turn the indicator over so that it's resting on the legs. You will notice the pin sticking trough the indicator. This is where the wood glue comes into play. Drip a small amount of wood glue over each pin so that you can no longer see them. It should take just one drip. Let the wood glue dry completely then paint your indicator but not the bottom of the legs. You may skip painting if you wish.

Your board and indicator are now complete. ONCE THE BOARD IS COMPLETELY DRY you should be able to place the indicator on the board and move it around the surface without friction. If you do feel friction you may want to buy some self-stick felt pads and place them on the legs of the indicator.
Bright blessings,

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Re: Ouija board
By: / Novice
Post # 4
^^ nice.

making a ouija board is far greater than buying one since you've charged it and everything and made it personal. that being said, please be careful once made. be sure you're good with circle casting and protection. and as always never destroy the board. hope it turns out nice for you.
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Re: Ouija board
Post # 5
I have a andorid mobile. I saw there is a oujaii board in the market they say it is real is it true
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Re: Ouija board
Post # 6
Real ouija boards are not in computers or in mobiles. They only show a "hint" of what the experience will be.
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