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Relationship help
Post # 1
This is a desparate cry.

Im 40+ and my 2nd marriage also went on rocks. I have a relationship with a guy for about a year - Ive known him for about 10 years and love him alot and its 99% a mental satisfaction as we dont even meet. Since of late, may be due to his busy schedules. Im taken for granted. I dont want any commitment from him but just some love and kindness from him. He simply gives me no respect.

I have tried make relationships betters spells but nothing worked. As Im pretty new, I dont think they work for me.

Im so desparate and depressed. I love this guy so much that I dont think I can handle this relationship also ending.

Can someone who is able to cast spells to make my relationship work/better please help me?
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Re: Relationship help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Relationship help
Post # 3
O my beautiful lady. If he's not that interested lately then why 'want' him ? No respect ? Then have some for yourself and just dump him. Just because 'this' door closes doesn't mean that there isn't any more. No man is worth this or tears ( trust me I've been there) Let this go and find a better life and a better man. One that will love you as much as you love them. A spell now would only make a bad situation last more then it should. There 'is' someone better for you, just look behind you......
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Re: Relationship help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I agree with SpellCaster and you never know, once you leave him he might run to you wanting you back because he sees what he lost and if not than he must not of realy cared.
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Re: Relationship help
Post # 5
Akasha0Wolf :
I dont understand something- it's forum magicians or psychologists self-taught?
If this woman needs psychological help, she will go to the website of psychologists. but she came to the site of magic. This means that the situation it is critical.

to thush:
Yes, of course, the reasons for such behavior a guy can come from the peculiarities of his character or be a disadvantage to education and consumer attitudes towards women.
But do not forget that the dramatic changes in the behavior of a guy may be a consequence of the magic effects, evil eye damage.
In any case, it can only be determined by your photos. A default judgment to give your problem is very silly.

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