samhain ritual

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samhain ritual
Post # 1
hey everybody! um i need a samhain ritual because my birthday is coming up very soon so um yah.
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Re: samhain ritual
By: / Novice
Post # 2
that's cool, but samhain isn't until october 31. what do you need exactly? a basic samhain ritual is cast the circle, greet everyone, meditate, take water and pout some salt into it [say something like water for purity, salt for earth, bless us for the time] put a cross on your forhead [for the four directions] and a pentagram over your heart and pass it along. take the wine [or juice or whatever] poor it into the chalace [say something if you want] take a sip pass it around, take the cake [bread, what-have-you] say something and pass it around. leave some wine and cake for the offering. since it's samhain, nows the time to speak with spirits and do psychic/supernatural related spells. you can dance, and sing, and if you want tell the story of samhain [differns on believe, it's the day when the veil between spirit world and ours is at it's thinnest, but it's also, some believe, when the horned god dies and rules over the afterlife, and the goddess mourns him until Yule] the alter should be decorated in orange, gold/yellow and black. pumpkins, squash, root vegetables, and the like should be decorating the alter.

if you mean Beltane [because it's tomorrow] it's a spring and fertility holiday. think spring, flowers, bright colours, you probably can't errect a maypole, but dancing around the maypole is traditional. there's an old custome where couples wanting to concieve jump over the cauldron together. berries are typically eaten, fruit, sweet things really. my friends usually drink strawberry milk instead of wine, but other than that the ceremonies usually the same. just speak about how it's about prosparity [luck, wealth, business, and fertility/relationship spells work best] and whatever you believe today represents [since everyone's belief is different.] typically it's the wedding of the lord a lady. [it's also the oposite of samhain] here's a good site:
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Re: samhain ritual
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
It is neko, for those in the southern hemisphere. Samhain is the new year! It is the time when the veil is thinnest (along with Beltaine) and therefore is great for divination. Personally, I have a dinner and will "invite" loved ones who have passed on to join. Its polite to leave an empty chair and place setting for the deceased. If this creeps you out, its not necessary. Honoring the dead is a big part of Samhain. Some people pick a specific person who has passed on (be it ancestor or loved one) and perform a ritual in their honor. But don't forget that when the spirits are at their most lively, so will the malicious ones. Jackolanters were used to call to ancestors and to frighten away "evil". I personally carve protective symbols onto mine to strengthen that purpose and place a prayer/spell over it.

Other than that, is it a time of the last harvest, preparing before winter. The earth is going to sleep (dying in some beliefs) and the sun will soon die and be reborn (at Yule).
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Re: samhain ritual
By: / Novice
Post # 4
oh right, why did i forget about that. i thought it was the same holidays for them just instead of it being spring it's a fall celebration. oh well.
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Re: samhain ritual
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
It's no problem Neko, it's rarely mentioned.
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