Ostara, The Goddess

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Ostara, The Goddess
Post # 1

I am sure that many here know of the holiday Ostara, but I feel as though it is often overlooked that there exists a goddess named Ostara. She is of Saxon origin, a fertility goddess, of the dawn, of spring that comes each year, and of healing.

She also is called Eostre which is meaning "movement toward the east". As the east is where the sun rises.

Each year there are celebrated two festivals that honor her, although one of them has been transformed into a Christian holiday. Easter, and Ostara.

The link between her two names and the names of the holidays are clear. Though many may not know how Easter, aside from in name, is related to her.

In legend Ostara once was bring Spring to the world, but she was late and felt horrible for it. On her way here she came across a bird that was dying from cold and that his wings were frozen, so he could not fly. To help him she held him close and let the light and heat of her rejuvenate him, and he did heal. His wings although were badly damaged and so he could not fly again. To help him Ostara turned him into a rabbit so that he may move and run again. To make up for being late as she was she granted him the ability to run so fast as to avoid every hunter. Along with this she gave him the ability to lay eggs, of multiple colours. But he was allowed to do this only on one day each year. She named him Lepus, and in some stories made Lepus her lover.

Time passed and Ostara became angry at Lepus, for some think that he kept a mistress, and in anger she threw Lepus into the sky to stay forever. This created the constellation Lepus, which rests at the feet of Orion, the hunter.

Still more time passed and Ostara became forgiving, so allowed Lepus to return from the sky one day each year and give eggs to the children that celebrated Ostara. This is how Easter came to be, and was until it was taken and converted by the church.

It is sad I think to see that she is only celebrated once a year on the coming of Spring even though each morning she is present in the world, during even Winter. Pushing away the night each morning, so that light may have it's time and the sun may rise.

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Re: Ostara, The Goddess
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Interesting little tidbit on Ostara. My kindred celebrates her with a blot every year, though I know some who work with her more often than that. Regardless, her tale is a curious one. :)

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