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Real spell help
Post # 1
i was told by a friend that he had some "friends" cut him then then burned a picture (he said it was like a egypt or indian symbol for a wolf) put this liquid stuff it was like a watery jello substance then blew the ashes of the paper in his face i would like to know if a spell like this does exist or was he just lying to me please and many thanks to who ever helps me with this
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Re: Real spell help
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
A spell is a ritual or simple action empowered with a person's energy and will so something as simple as writing a person's name on a piece of paper and burning it can constitute a spell if the person doing it focuses their will and energy into causing something to happen as the paper in that case would be away to focus their intent and energy on that person who's name was written on it. My point is this could be a spell though it working is a different story. It could also be a lie. He didn't say what it was supposed to do? Just guessing it could have been a unrealistic, as the general consensus is they don't exist, attempt to perform some sort of werewolf spell focusing on the wolf aspect you mentioned. If this is a documented spell knowing more would help someone decipher the meaning or even if it isn't documented someone could decipher its meaning if they knew more though your friend should know if he's being honest. It could depending on the language have has something to do with some diety whose animal is the wolf. With the Twilight hype going on still though I'd stick to the werewolf theory, but I can't be sure. Maybe another member will have a better suggestion.
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Re: Real spell help
Post # 3
he also told me it was to get connected with a wolf spirit and the people who did the ritual said he might get a tail but he will feel weird for a coupled days also he said to me was that when they burned the paper they rubbed the ashes on his arms then blew them in his face he did not really go into detail with everything hes never very comfortable telling me more i have tried to ask him again... hope this helps a little more :)
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Re: Real spell help
Post # 4
Whatever was 'done' was to 'impress' your friend 'nothing more' !!!
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Re: Real spell help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Hm the entire thing looks as made up thing to impress him and freak him ,perhaps .
Or it may have had very different aim than they told him .
First if you ever worked with animal medicine you would know that in most cases it is the animal spirit that finds you and not another way around .Or you can call upon them to come ,it is not like forceful bounding of the sort as he has been told .
Now for the cut and the blood ,uselly that impowers the spell and it acts kinda like signature of contract ,for your blood is your life force .But the again for what this energy and signature have been exactly used for ?

Let me anylize the picture burning part ,when we burn something we kinda send a prayer or wish toward highter realms for the smock rises ,however sometimes burning a things is used in dark arts as symbol of destruction for the fire brings distruction in its rage .Or can be mixture of both .

And the last part of blowing ashes in his face is what disturb me the most ,when we blow things into someone we affect his energetic field by sending something toward him and also it can be used to create a bound between both people ,as uselly the direction off the flow is toward the person which got the breath into his face .

So then what have happened ?
The way i see it that he has been misleaded into something which either is a joke or wither has totaly different outcome that what he has been told to and he signed in for it with is own life force .It is the same as to sign in a contract without reading the content and therefore i need to bear the consequenced no matter what for i agreed even not knowingly .
Then obviouslly a wish or plea has been send or even in the sinister version the practicioner may have wished that to be some sort of distruction going in his way ,for we do not know what the practicioner asked for .And that is not very wise .It is the same as i authorize someone to represent me and by doing so and acting from my name he may have brought forth good or bad depending his own will and desire and never the less i agreed on all this .
Then the most bad part is that whatever has been wished for good or bad has been thrown into his energy and who knows if there is still not open connection going on .
As for the tail part i find this ridiculous and not very probable ,which is why we assume the entire thing may have been just bad joke and just random mix of magical techniques and actions mixed together randomly ,without the knowledge and the will needed to bring any changes forth .
Even so it is not wise to let people to just cut you and draw your blood (infection may occur very easy )and then just do with you some weird stuff ,with you standing there oblivious to what actually is taking place or what is not taking place in that matter .

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Re: Real spell help
Post # 6
Thanks everyone for all the help but I'm sorry to say that what he told me was a lie so.... Thank you for everyones help anyway :)
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