This's My Life And Myself

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This's My Life And Myself
Post # 1
This is an image of me in the name of KhalDARKGX which is also known as the one and only of that of the Supreme Commander Of The Black Project Of The Almighty Darkness Group Of DARKGX The Organization Of Destruction. This is the official image of myself for the First Stage and Second Stage of my Black Project. For all to know, this project has started in the middle year of 2011 which is known as the First Stage while the Second Stage has seriously started in the early year of... 2012. This personal website of contains almost a lot of personal and important details regarding the matter of my Black Project. For all to know, this organization of mine will seriously make its debut in the middle year of 2015 where I seriously can guarantee that almost all citizens from all over the word shall know the mighty name of DARKGX.
While this on the other hand is a link towards my one and only of that of the Black Project of The Almighty Darkness Group Of DARKGX The Organization Of Destruction. The website is There has more than a lot of important and interesting details regarding the matter of my Black Poject. Therefore, please do enjoy and share them dearly as you of all people may like....!!!!
Hey there my friend, I recommended you to check this one out... I can guarantee on everything as you won't be disappointed at all... The link towards the video clips of mine are!!!!
The black project is solely for the purposes of making this dark organization of DARKGX to somehow reach the international globe. In here, we mainly focused on handling and cooperating the program with the help of some other trusted alliances such as `Jemaah Kapak Merah?. The mere reason behind such action is because of their great amount of influences on the other side of the dark word of gangster phenomenon. By making somewhat a contract or an agreement with the, undouply can boost the DARKGX?s improvements until it finally reaches our very own limitations at that current period. The DARKGX can also make uses of the thousands of their personal members in case of any emergencies that hold the amount of possibilities that it could, by all means, threaten our positions on the international globe.
First thing of all for ALL to know, I truly am appreciate on ANY of your concerns regarding my life. And yeah, my organization of DARKGX is an organization where we accept almost all kinds of race in the entire world of Earth and perhaps even beyond. Our goals are simple and yet the methods we may uses might be dearly and deadly complicated. As you already know, this Black Project of mine is already on it's Second Stage. Later on, it will enter it's Third Stage. The year of 2015 perhaps shall promise an absolute entrance for the last stage in which it is in the Fifth Stage. That stage will changes all humanity for all to witness....!!!!
My so-called a Black Project is naturally ranked as an International Mega Project. The goals are simple and yet how I and we do things perhaps shall be extremely complicated. Therefore, I need plenty of supports from all LIKE yourself so that my organization shall be the mightiest of them all. The videos and the website of mine, in case if you have truly checked on them, only holds the slightest amount of details if it is compared to the REAL TRUTH of my self. Such as my powers, my influences and everything that is related to myself. Therefore, I am inviting you to become a pre-enrolled members in my organization of DARKGX only and only if you are ever wish to.. Take your time to checked on the profile and data of mine as they surely will be dearly useful to you for all of your sake there is...!!!!
For anyone who ever wish to join my organization as a pre-enrolled members then you are dearly welcome to massage me these few important and real informations regarding your real self. These data of yours will be kept for future reference for my organization of DARKGX. The details are as follow :
I thank you to my heart contents for your utmost trust and support of my life and my so called the mightiest Black Project of all. I hereby annouce you as a pre-enrolled member in the organization of DARKGX Union and may yourself be blesses dearly in there.
Your task as a pre-enrolled members are simple in which by all means there is, I who acts as your one and only of the Supreme Commander of DARKGX, command you by your own free will to spread the name of KHALDARKGX in which KHAL is my name and DARKGX is a name own entirely by the organization.
You and your friends are dearly welcome for all updates from the organization of mine such as all that is truly utmost related the project.
By Your One And Only :
The Supreme Commander of the Black Project Of The Almighty Darkness Group Of DARKGX The Organization Of Destruction in the name of KhalDARKGX.
The terms of "We" who acts as the members of the organization of DARKGX shall me the hunters but by all means there is, Dragon alike creatures are those that seriously be kept seriously for our own benefits in the nearest future. Therefore, you seriously do not have to worry on none whatsoever of your safety when it is related to my kinds. Just as I has said in my previous massages, I want all of the details ABOVE are simply because I wish to kept all of them in the organizations's systems for future related references by all means there is.
Well, either you are a girl or not, its not something I even bother with... I am not that much of a playboy you see NOR even I am a gay though. Just as what my profile has told you, I communicate with all kind of beings. From a lovely female to strong male, from cute animal to mighty beast, from mere myth to supreme legends, and from no class spirits to devilish demons... The point is, it doesn't matter... As long as you are open to me by all means there is then you of all shall be dearly accepted by me who acts as the one and only of the Supreme Commander of DARKGX there is....!!!!
I am someone who are deadly interested with the Dragon Magick and the details regarding the Otherworld. If you wish to share any useful further informations regarding them with me then please email me in this profile of mine. Btw, the name of mine is Khal... As said in the profile that is...!!!
And this is the link towards one of the forums that I had attained myself with. Therefore, before any of you ever reply yourself in here, please do check them out first so that we could at least removes any misunderstanding of me of any thought about myself may be.
The link is and it proves as I am not doing any role playing, too imaginative or even too much fantasies or whatsoever your thought may be....!!!!
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Re: This's My Life And Myself
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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