Sun power and energy

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Sun power and energy
Post # 1
I had this great idea of getting some energy and power from the sun? Is this even possible. Every sun down I go outside pray for all the sun gods and meditate. Any more spells/rituals for this?
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Re: Sun power and energy
Post # 2
Try meditative photosynthesis. Meditate in the sun (making sure not to allow your skin to burn) and concentrate on regeneration and healing such as what plants do. From that you can expand on a more personally tweaked level.
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Re: Sun power and energy
Post # 3
I would say its possable. The sun has its own magickal vibrations and energy that can be used in spells. Just as the moon does.
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Re: Sun power and energy
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I often draw from the sun.. but instead of it simply burning your skin, imagine the warmth coating your body, warming from the inside out.. great way to not freeze in the cold season also.
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Re: Sun power and energy
Post # 5
I always draw from the sun. It's one of the only places i feel i can draw from.

I don't think you need a spell or ritual, by simply seeing the sun shining I feel more energized, exuberant.
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Re: Sun power and energy
Post # 6
Well, there is something called 'sun meditation'.
Sun meditation is a form of meditation that allows a person's body to draw energy from the sun into itself. It typically is practiced in the morning and evening just after the sunrise and before sunset by gazing into the sun and meditating. Although it takes a significant amount of practice to master this type of meditation, anyone can participate as each individual can begin at a low level and work his or her way up to longer and more powerful sessions. The benefits of sun meditation are said to include a balance of emotions and recovery from many physical ailments.
There are different sun meditation techniques that can be done while sitting or standing.
You can do this daily to draw energy from the sun.

Good luck!
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Re: Sun power and energy
Post # 7

On one of my prvious accounts I wrote a post on protection magic, and in that post I wrote about channeling the elements and drawing and channeling the power from the sun and the moon. Here is the excerpt conating that portion from my post.

"Many people speak of the elements in ways that describe acts of controlling the elements to do there biding. However, instead of trying to create friction and force something with your will, you can let the elements help assist you by channeling their energy. Think of it as moving currents, you can either fight them and work against the current or you can flow with the current and let it take you where you need to go.

Nature is full of natural energy, and the elements can be associated with powerful bodies to assist you in channeling such energy. The sun for example is a powerful embodiment of fire, and you can tap into that energy by channeling the suns energy to do your work whether it be casting a spell or any other type of magical act. The moon is a powerful source of energy associated with water, as it directly affects the push and pull of the oceans and seas, rivers and lakes etc. You can also channel the moons energy for workings with or associated with with receiving and giving as mentioned with the push pull effect, meaning you can push unwanted or undesired things away from you as in banishing; or you can pull something you wish or desire towards you. The earth itself is below all of our feet and can always be easily channeled. Air, Sky, or Wind can be channeled as it is the essence of life and it surrounds us, without air we cannot breathe the breath of life.

Above, is the most powerful practice in magic, and ancient witches, shamans, druids and so on have long used the elements to assist them by channeling their energies. In addition to channeling the energy of the elements and nature there is another practice that can be used and is also powerful when you want to channel the power of the sun at night, and channel the power of the moon during the day. You can take a stone, crystal or any item really and enchant and imbue it with the energies and power of the sun and the moon. Personally I have chosen either moonstone or amethyst to embody the energy of the moon, and I have used either clear quartz, garnet, or ruby to embody the energy of the sun. What I do is for the moon I take the stone I have chosen and I consecrate it, bless it, then on the night of a full moon if possible around Yule as it is the longest night of the year I then enchant it with my essence by taking a small drop or two of blood which represents my life, my spirit, and my magic. Then I leave the stone under the light of the full moon for the entire night. The process for the stone that embodies the sun is almost the same except for imbuing it with the moons energy at night on a full moon, I take the stone on the day of the summer solstice and as said above I consecrate the stone, bless it, then I enchant it with my essence of a small amount of blood then I leave the stone under the light of the summer solstice's sun for the entire day from dawn till dusk. It is also important to note that I usually make the preparations for this ritual in advance."

Blessings, and I hope you find this useful.


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