I need a spell for this

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I need a spell for this
Post # 1
SO recently I've begun to realize that someone may have put a bad luck spell on me or misfortune spell on me and I think I know who did it. I've been having extremely bad luck as in my mom suffered a stroke after her b-day and may dad the same. Our beloved dog who is not known for running the street got hit by a car, my pay pal account got hacked. Money issues have also arised as well and I don't know what kind of spell I need to break this curse or amulettes I could use as well. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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Re: I need a spell for this
Post # 2
this also has been happened in a few months times so I know this all isn't just coincidence since no one in my family line has suffered a stroke during their b-days or after and I noticed like if i mention her name to people that when stuff happens. I don't know if thats a sort of clue.
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Re: I need a spell for this
Post # 3

Would you feel comfortable with a cleansing ritual or visualization? When I feel negative energy I normally burn sage, relax, and try to visualize with each breath out the negative leaving me and each breathe in I see white light coming in and covering me. Last time I felt hexed I bathed in water with sea salt, a little mint and little sage in the water. I visualized the water and salt taking the bad energy and the sage giving me protection as the mint calmed me and took my worries. Also I'd carry Sage, Angelica, or some kind of herb for protection. Actually, you could probably find a stone for protection for you wanted to, Agate Druzy is one, I think Tiger's Eye is another...
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Re: I need a spell for this
Post # 4
thanks the gods I actually have tiger's eye I will start carrying that with me for sure and I will also try that bath u did.
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