Getting Into Faith

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Getting Into Faith
Post # 1
Hello and Blessed Be! Blessings for all.

I am very experienced in magickal practice, but not when it comes to this....

This past week I have been out of touch with my Pagan faith. Many things have occured (drama, coping, grieving) all revolved around my infamous ex. For my followers, yes I'm feeling better. But that is not the point of this post.

My question is how do you get back into your magickal faith after being unfocused for a while? My mind has trailed off in spite of contacting my ex's loved ones to help him receive professional guidance. I haven't touched my Book of Shadows in days. I haven't studied, helped others, made posts, or anything. My involvement has been weakened. I would appreciate any tips, ideas, or advice about getting myself back religiously involved. Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again! :)


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Re: Getting Into Faith
Post # 2
I have had this happen to me many times when life gives little things that can shake me up, I believe this is normal and most of us depending on the person/situation can relate.
I personally don't rush anything and just take my time in feeling things out.
If I don't have the same motivation to get back into something then I just give myself a push. I start to look into things randomly that pertain to magickal studies. I may not at first focus the same as I normally do one stuff but as I continue,I slowly start to get back into the groove of things.
I just keep reminding myself that this practice and knowledge that I have learned from following my path over the years has helped me deal with the situation I just had.
I hope that helps. I know it's not much.
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Re: Getting Into Faith
Post # 3
Don't penalize yourself, everyone needs a small break from life here and there. While you may have a responsibility towards others, you have a responsibility toward yourself and your own well being, and the universe does understand that. You hit a bump in the road of life, and now your in a rut. Try some meditation, and focus on the things about magic that you love, why you do it, why it and the things you do are important to you. Reassure yourself, that though someone you know has died, you still have the memories and the love that person gave you. Besides, would that person want you so sad in the first place? Death isn't being erased from existance, its simply another faze in the cycle. So know you'll see them again. Use this time as a period of reflection and growth, then come back stronger!
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Re: Getting Into Faith
Post # 4
No one died, just a lot of lies and things like that. And stopping suicide from happening. But thank you both for the advice.
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Re: Getting Into Faith
Post # 5

I think sometimes it can be healthy to take a break from it all, enjoy simple existence. Reconnect yourself with the flow of things by revisting the basics for a bit - the nature and earth from which we thrive from. Maybe enjoy laying on the grass gazing at the stars, feel the wind; the connection of everything. I do not believe forcing yourself to practice would be best, that will only make you resent it more if you associate it with negativity.

I suggest taking a break and enjoying this lovely existence in its simpler forms. Hope my words have helped the flow of ideas, blessings!

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Re: Getting Into Faith
Post # 6
meditate.. commune again with your own faith.. you cannot just go back just in a blink of an eye.. if you really want to, you know it inside of you.. why do i say so? because your the only person in this world who knows who you really are.. yes i know sometimes, we just can't help it but in the end you're still the only one who could answer such question of yours..

hhmm.. if you really are experienced in magickal practice, then you also must be experienced in mastering your own self.. in my own opinion, before you've become successful in ritual/ceremonial/or any other practices, you must first need to know and master your own self.. (please do not misinterpret this)..

infernal blessings..
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