turning evil people good

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> turning evil people good

turning evil people good
Post # 1
I REALLY need to help turn an evil person good, if this is possible...for the sake of our family!!! Can someone help with a spell that isn't too complicated?
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Re turning evil people go
Post # 2
It depends on your definition of evil. Some people consider me evil because i stay neutral. That kind of person you might be able to talk to about being good but some one who is like hitler evil you can try and talk to him but if you were to use magic that would bend his will to your will which is black magic which would in a way make you evil. My personal belief is that humans are born an evil force of destruction. hope this helps -ronin
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Re: turning evil people good
Post # 3
Is this then the 'black sheep' of the family ? If so then as someone said for you to do this to him/her is 'black magic' as your 'bending' someone to do something that they normally wouldn't do. If they are causing difficulties for the family then I would have someone who this person 'respects' to talk to them. Barring that then the legal system would be a last recourse......
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Re: turning evil people good
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Instead of turning a person into what you think is good why don't you cast a spell that protects you from their actions. That way you are not modifying his will and you are protecting yourself. Its also not right for you define someone as evil unless they have committed a heinous crime or show constant psycopathic tendencies. In both cases rehabilitation is impossible and magic seems to work with in the realm of increaseing odds in your favor.

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Re: turning evil people good
Post # 5
It all depends on the complexity of the case and situation. But in any case, you first need to put the diagnosis and determine the cause of evil.
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