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Need Help Conclusion
Post # 1
I wrote about a month ago about my sister and the troubles I was having with her. Last Friday I advised her that I was giving her 6 months to get her life together and move on to the world on her own because I didn?t see her doing anything for herself. Everything was put on me and I advised her that she was being selfish just putting everything on me. Anyways, she lost it, went nuts, so I had before then done a truth spell and she showed that she was fine that she wasn?t sick. She drove herself to my grandmothers house by herself. I?ve had to drive her for five months. Then after this emotional weekend like if everything wasn?t enough my crazy ex boyfriend called my grandmothers house asking (demanding) for me because he had received an email saying all these bad things about his mother, he thought it was me, but I hadn?t sent him anything, mind you this guy hit me when we were together, why would I try to get him mad? I think it was my sister, so I am going to do another truth spell, to see but everything is pointing to her without the truth spell.
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Re: Need Help Conclusion
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Wow that's still really awful. Your ex is abusive so I don't really know if pointing him in your sisters direction would help or if you really want to do that at all. I would try a luck and strength spell. You're also in terrible need of protection so I would do that as well. Gettign you're life moving is not as important as getting to the bottom of this. I wonder if anyone else on the forum has any tried and true methods for luck.

Here is mine I'm a big fan of runework, but you'll have to google the names of the runes to see how they are drawn. Do this during a full or waxing moon

Take an 11'' strip of paper and write(I like to find the center and write around that area):

dagaz (for a new day and many opportunities)

jera (a good harvest from your labors and luck over time)

algiz (it funtions as a sheild)

berkana (for a woman, use this to transition in the next runes)

Then write a rune for every initial in your name, concentrate on what your names mean about you, like your last name defining what family you come from.

Write the same runes on the reverse side of the paper

Bring the paper to your lips and I personally like to say or sing the name of each rune as I concentrate very hard on what they mean. Runes have power in and of themselves and you should picture energy flowing and mixing from one rune to the next.


Next take the strip and carefully fold it into a knot so that its symetrical. Keep pulling the ends through the flaps until you get a pentagon


Or you can just fold it until its easy to carry it around.

Next make a circle and focus your energy for a spell concentration on what you want your runes to do (imagine it vividly and clearly) and that you want to assist your runes. This makes the runes work in a way more consistant with your desires. Then open the circle and keep the paper in your pocket. You may wish to renew it every 3 months.

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Re: Need Help Conclusion
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

I forgot to mention that some people believe runes should be drawn only with downward strokes, to draw energy into the symbol

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