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Post # 1
Someone that has already use the black/white magick successfully...
Did you have a master that teach you 2 learn magick???
Did u use article when using magick???
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Re: master
Post # 2
To say it like this if you're thinking about using black magic, be sure about it cause if you do it wrong bad things WILL happen, if you do it successfully then.. ok, still be careful oh and never summon a demon no mater what, unless you really want to not gonna stop ya xD
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Re: master
Post # 3
other than that.
No I didn't have a master to learn magic
Yes iv'e used articles
And yes iv'e done both white and black magic successfully
And sometimes iv'e failed at spells and stuff.
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Re: master
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Lets get something straight. Magick itself does not have color. Magick is energy, it is neutral, it is incapable of thought of it's own and therefore cannot be catagorized by an intention of which we give color to. What we colorize is the intention of the magick user. Magick is the tool we use to bring about our change in accordance with our will.

To answer your first question, no. I did not have a master, nor did I need one. I used the path I am currently on as a means to find myself, my passions, my purpose, and happiness. There was also nobody available to teach witchcraft in my community. So, with absence of a teacher, I took to books and articles about all sorts of practices and eventually wound up to where I am today. Still reading, still learning, expanding my consciousness as always.

I suppose I sort of answered your second question already, so I am going to leave it at 'yes'.

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Re: master
Post # 5
totally agree with Hollabaluru
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Re: master
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I do have friend and He is my Master very old and grumpy :-) I am worshiping him for dedicating his knowledge and wisdom to me. Unfortunately I see him only twice a year during my vacation,minwhile I am trying to read books,look for sources to complete my task which He gave to work on. He will not spoon feed me, just guiding me in my path. When ever I stuck in my task and ask his help,He nicely labeling me as modern,lazy witch :-( so you have to depend on yourself,your books,socializing with people and mainly practice. Everything I do is working successfully,but need to be careful what we are asking for,because "Universe" is blessing our every wish,even if it stupid one. Even person who will wish to be a mermaid year after year,will end up in mental hospital for being "mermaid" . Bless be
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Re: master
Post # 7
Okay , I will not get onto the definitions of Black/White Magick ...though i tempted . I don't know why but for some reasons , when something on such lines occur ..I get irratated.

Anyway , I do have a teacher but not exactly a master . She is a energy healer and teaches me energy maniuplation , healing , stones and Angelogy.
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