Aura Reading?

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Aura Reading?

Aura Reading?
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Hi! Aura readings especially interest me! Anyone out there who is capable of reading auras?

Much love and light to you all! Blessed Be :)
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Re: Aura Reading?
Post # 2
I am :)
It's actually what introduced me to the world of magic in the first place because I talked about my grandma about it when I was around six.
It's really a different thing for each person, some people look straight on, some people look at it in their peripheral vision and some people close their eyes and 'let their third eye do the seeing'.
Also what it looks like changes from person to person. Some see one color some see lots of different spots of color and I'm sure there are plenty of other variations.

For me, I have to use my peripheral vision and I see lots of different spots of color. Also, for me at least, covers the person's whole body plus a large ball above their head which over the years I have figured that it's like a person's inner spirit in an even more pure form then that of the rest of their aura. Also, if I don't know the person I need to concentrate a lot more because I've never been on their wave length before.

One example of how the different colored spots work is one time my grandpa hurt his foot and my grandma asked me to take a look at it. Now she didn't say which foot so I just started at one of them and I saw a thumb sized red line on the side of that foot. Turns out, it wasn't the foot that he had really hurt BUT he had a band-aide there so apparently that is what I was seeing.

I really don't know what it takes to learn how to read auras since I just did it without even knowing what it was when I was little but if you want I'll give you whatever help I can :)
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Re: Aura Reading?
Post # 3
Umm I think I. Can read auras and it scares me ill look at people and ill see blotches at the top of there heads it really scares me and I'm unex a. Andaansanpirenced with this please help me out I'm scared of what will happen if I don't learn to control this or what if my mom finds out I don't like the outcome her coler is black with the color of dead fish eyes help
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Re: Aura Reading?
Post # 4
can you teach me to read auras
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