Dark magick&demons,help!!

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Dark magick&demons,help!!
Post # 1
So, when ever i lately try to do or basically just vizualising anything i can see only demons..
no idea why , and no it's not that my mind tells me that i am afraid of them so this is why i see them, i am not afraid
anyway, someone told me that i have something to black magick, like... i got some naturally.. thou i dont even practice black magick, and i dont know if i even want to.
i dont know whats going on with all these black magic and demons thing, but also whats weird is that i actuallly feel some connection to them, whenever it is.. like i am "one of them" kind of thing.. no idea why.. it is weird thou..
any ideas what , can, could it be happening?
I will be greatfull for any answers
Thank you
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Re: Dark magick&demons,help!!
Post # 2
Olso, forgot to add that at nights i get pictures in my head, like "visions" and hear some voices.. like people talking
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Re: Dark magick&demons,help!!
Post # 3
This is Interesting by the sounds of it,it sounds out of the Norm,have you considered trying to Communicate with these demons in Order to Find out more about them?
look more into the Visions and see what you can see
Dont allow these things to send you Crazy.
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Re: Dark magick&demons,help!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Well one thing first, there is no real "black magic" magic has no color, but intent. We all have the capacity for good and harmful actions and reactions and this is included in magical workings. Both the dark and light side of our existence comes naturally but we learn how to balance or choose which side of spectrum we lean towards.

Demons I have learned rather well and studied for a long time. I'm not saying its impossible but it sounds more likely to me that you are seeing them in representation of something else in your subconscious. Your mind could be attached to this idea of representing something with in your self or thoughts as these so called demons you see during visualization. If you are convinced that these demons are actual entities then I would suggest doing research on communicating with them safely. Also please keep in mind that you are human, though all things are connected in a manner of speaking it is not possible to be part or half demon.
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