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Wisdom for Astral Project
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This information comes from

Wisdom from the inner spheres of life

In addition to the ancient wisdoms of the world as received and taught over the course of many thousands of years, and much more recently the conclusions of modern quantum physics, the same knowledge is constantly being obtained and confirmed from beings of the inner spheres just as it has always been from time immemorial.

Thousands of people are now actively pursuing Astral Projection, visiting the Astral worlds and obtaining knowledge at first hand from the beings and vast record sources existing there. Others are able to employ Mental projection in order to make contact with, and obtain information from high Spiritual intelligences whose task it is to progress the development of mankind.

There are many such intelligences specialising in every possible aspect of the ongoing evolution and progression of humanity. Yet other people are now, from altered states of Consciousness and meditation accessing the vast and infinite source of all Universal knowledge known as the Akashic Record. In addition there are thousands of people receiving information and confirmation of the inner truths and realities by many other means and in many different situations, all of which is happening increasingly frequently in this early twenty first century.

It should be readily apparent therefore that it is no longer necessary to rely upon ?belief systems? and books of questionable origin. The truth and the knowledge required for individual evolution, the progression of the human race and future of the planet Earth has always been available, and is readily available today for those who seek such knowledge with open Mindedness and sincerity. Those who do seek will surely find and will accordingly cast aside any creed, dogma and materialism that might have ruled their lives in the past.

Those who seek their own true destiny, the same destiny of all mankind will discover a destiny leading to spheres of glory, splendour and bliss far beyond the comprehension of those still living in the physical worlds. Such people attaining these heights will possess abilities beyond the wildest comprehension of most humans still living in physical reality, abilities that will always be used for the greater good and purpose for the ongoing evolution of mankind and of the entire Universe.

These inner Spiritual worlds are the true ?Heaven worlds?. No belief system or religion alone will ever enable anyone to realise and comprehend these realities that can only be realised and comprehended by individual progress on the path to perfection.

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