Black Mirror

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Black Mirror
Post # 1
I was originally going to buy a black mirror online, but after seeing how expensive they can be and realizing how easy it would be to make one, I decided to make my own. I figured I would share it on here, as some people might want to do the same.

What you will need:

A picture frame with glass.
Black spray paint.

It's ridiculously simple! Basically all you do is remove the glass from the picture frame and spray paint one side of it black. Make sure the glass is clean first and that you spray it evenly. Once it is dry, place it back into the frame with the sprayed side facing outward.

Ta-da! Now you have a black mirror! :)

It seriously looks like the ones that cost $100+ online and you can choose different styles/shapes for the picture frame and give it a look to match your personality. Mine has a antique frame that I got at a thrift store and kind of looks a little eerie, which was intentional. It works perfectly and I couldn't be more pleased!

Just be sure that you cleanse and charge it like you would any other magical tool.

If I could post a picture on here, I would show you guys mine. Someone should really make photo sharing an option in threads! :/

Take care,
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Re: Black Mirror
Post # 2
Edit: With the UN-sprayed side facing outward! Sorry...typo.
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Re: Black Mirror
Post # 3
What would you use a black mirror for? What is it's purpose?
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Re: Black Mirror
Post # 4
They are mainly used for scrying.
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Re: Black Mirror
By: / Novice
Post # 5
most magical items are simple and easy to make, i'm shocked how much people spend on items they could make them self. i buy my dried herbs, but the only magic items i've bought are my athame [5$] and my ouija board [10$] everything else i've made or received as a gift. even a cauldron can be an old pot. you don't need the high end fancy new items on the market. it's better to make your own anyway, you charge it.
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