White Magick

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White Magick
Post # 1
What does white/good magick entail? Like certain moral casting methods and spell categories?
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Re: White Magick
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Magic doesn't really have a color, it is the intent of the individual that determines the outcome of the spell. "White" and "black" magic are just used to better explain the type of magic that individual wishes to practice (positive or negative, beneficial or harmful). Generally, white magic is associated with any spell or ritual that can help yourself or others without bring harm to anyone. An example of this could be a healing spell.
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Re: White Magick
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Beneficials magicks may be classified as white: luck protection, prosperity, and so on. But keep in mind that. There are "black" magicks that are beneficial and classified so because they are for selfishness, self empowering, lust of power, and similars. Lonicera did make a good point. Magick truly has no colour and your intent/purpose using magick determines polarity. Just remember that true power comes from within - comes from you. Do what feels right to you, but every one has both light and darkness within.
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Re: White Magick
Post # 4
There is no White nor Black magick. White magick has some black magick elements. The thing is all magick that you do effects someone else. Black Magick and White Magick have the same intention to the spell caster. They both reach to personal goals. Its a different style but person same goals.
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Re: White Magick
Post # 5
Only by some definitions, Savannah. In the Theurgy/Thaumaturgy definitions of white and black magick they have very different intention, and Thaumaturgy is very much about personal goals whereas Theurgy is about enlightenment. It is here worth noting that part of this Theurgic goal is to be free of lust of result, so it is entirely arguable that it is directly opposed to the seeking of personal goals.
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