I am Missy and need help.

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I am Missy and need help.
Post # 1
My cousin who was a friend of mine to. We were close so I thought for six years. Well I got mad at her parents because they caused problems for me. Well my cousin went by and beeped and my mother text her and told her we did not want her here cause we found out that she was telling people and her parents we asked her to keep to her self and she new everything her parents said bout me. So when she text back asking why I asked her why she had not warn me but she claimed she did not know and I told her how can I belive that when you run back to me everything they say and if u were in my shoes how would u feel. Well she spazed out and she has been liying about me and trash talking bout me saying real mean things. What can I do to get her to stop. Shes been stalking me and its been going on for 6 months and the cops dont do nothing. Is there a spell some one will do for me to help please. I am not good at spells right now.
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Re: I am Missy and need help.
Post # 2
:/ if your not good at spells meaditate let all your anger out in some breaths hah loud if you have to need complete silenece let energy flow into you from the earth core or universe then imagine it flowing into you and let it fill you up to your head so you have energy for some spells yes spells one protecting spell in case it back fires and another is the warning spell i have it in my favorites i think that will put a curse on her to leave you and your family alone if it dont work make a psi energy ball in your hand with all your anger and hate it might be warm or hot when mad if you see her when the psi ball is made then throw it at her let it rest in her body the middle each time she talks bad about you imagine it getting bigger and hotter inside her
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