Arguing with your Cards

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Arguing with your Cards
Post # 1
Have anyone ever had any problems with their tarot cards as in arguing with it or trying to avoid a particular card? I know I do. I absolutely loath my "5 of Swords." The energy is too loud and it screams out cocky. I feel as if that card is mocking me and next thing you know I'm either yelling at the damn card or try to ignore it. Though I'm trying hard to get along with it but it's just the energy. It's too loud and it drives me nuts. So how about you guys? Is there any cards that bothers you or the energy is too strong?
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Re: Arguing with your Cards
Post # 2
I'm very particular about certain cards. Whenever I get a new deck I judge it primarily by 3 cards: The Fool, The Devil, and The Star. The imagery really has to speak to me or they throw me off when they come up in a reading. For example, The Fool of The Golden Tarot (by Kat Black) is the most BLAND expression of the card I have ever seen, so I use this deck mostly for spell casting as opposed to divination.

The one card I never seem to understand in a reading is The Star, and it drives me nuts lol. I have a hard time figuring out what to make of it whatever position it shows up in. In terms of it having a personality, it's like someone taunting me with "I know something you don't know..."
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Re: Arguing with your Cards
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I can't say I can share your experience, but if a card comes up repeatively, its because it's trying to tell you something. Due to your reaction to it, I would assume it isn't a message you want to face. You may want to ask yourself why this card upsets you so much, and how it effects your life (as in, how the thing it represents in your life is effecting you). Then I would purposely place the card in the center of a reading and pull card for advice on how to handle it and overcome it.
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Re: Arguing with your Cards
Post # 4
My least favorite cards are the Devil and the Ten of Swords...I don't "argue" with my cards (not yet anyway) I've always gotten a reliable reading from my deck
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