Physic questions: Help me

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Physic questions: Help me
Post # 1
I need help in physic-related stuff. How do you get started in this practice? How do you get those sort of powers? If you have any answer please reply to this thread. I am begging whoever is viewing this.
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Re: Physic questions: Help me
Post # 2
Trust me you don't want it

I have it and hate it because when I hear peoples words I can feel anything they are feeling and its sucks as well as hear their thoughts when they are thinking its annoying and rarely helpful (Imagine hearing every word people are thinking in the mall or even a place like Wal-Mart because that is the headache from hell)
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Re: Physic questions: Help me
Post # 3
Psychic awareness is the highest level of intuition in a living being. Many psychics become psychic through traumatic events and near death experiences. I have been Psychic for over 45 years and today I teach classes on this ability and assist law enforcement agencies all over the country.

I always tell my students never fear what you don't understand and cannot comprehend.

Psychic ability is nothing more than basic human instinct. It is not something you can turn on and off. Those that want to enhance these gifts usually know they have the ability through having experienced unexplained events in their lives such as knowing when someone will visit or call and then confirming this through the ringing of the phone or door bell.

To explain psychic ability more thoroughly, psychic intuition is a sudden understanding and awareness of an event, situation or problem that has gone by, or is about to be present in the future.

When the human mind is closed, or skeptical. psychic ability cannot break through.

A closed mind is one of the most dangerous forces on Earth. A closed mind creates ignorance and ignorance creates destruction. The unknown should be researched and analyzed not condemned.

At all times we must ask questions concerning what are the origins of the thing we don't understand and why is the thing we don't understand the way that it is?

Why is a paranormal occurrence different than a tangible occurrence and how can we communicate with a paranormal being so that we may understand it better?

Every living thing comes from the Earth, including our psychic energy. Psychic energy is the electrical current that runs through our bodies and charges our brain waves so the human mind will start sending signals to our other organs in an effort to keep them functioning.

The house cat is among one of the most psychically developed animals on Earth.

Psychic ability is an advanced method in which the human mind operates. Why do some psychics have more electricity flowing through them then other human beings who do not develop their abilities? There is no logical explanation why some human beings have a higher electrical current in them then others, however most psychics are drawn to the water and have a kinship to the ocean.

I became a receiver to the paranormal at the age of five and through my trials of growing I have learned that the best way to communicate with spirits is to become a receiver to their frequencies. When I use the word frequency I do not refer to how often a spirit reveals itself, what I speak of is the vibrations of the energy frequency that makes the spirit able to be seen, heard and experienced.

I understand that if I sense fear the spirit is fearful and if I sense trepidation the spirit may be hostile. So what creates Fear and hostility? Fear and hostility are negative frequencies.
As a psychic I approach every case by determining the mood of the entity through the information I receive on the investigation.
Psychic ability is measured not by the ability to predict the future, but by the ability to reach ones immortality while existing inside a human form. Psychic awareness is the endowment to become one with the human spirit so that you can use that spirit energy to control the actions of your mortal body and mind.

When human beings express supernatural powers such as Psychic awareness and psychokinesis, this does not make them supernatural beings this makes them spiritual beings.

Psychics are Human beings that can use their spiritual energy while still confined in human form.

The four major levels of psychic ability are as follows.

Clairaudience is the ability to psychically hear clearly; many times voices speak to us from beyond that are in auditable to the mortal ear. When we hear these voices this is clairaudience.

Claircognisance - The ability to psychically know clearly. (such as knowing the phone will ring or that company or a letter is coming in the mail.

There Are Many Different Types Of Psychics. Not all psychics speak with the dead and not all psychics have visions.

Psychics that predict the future through visions and dreams are clairvoyant.

Psychics that feel emotions and sickness are called Empaths. (Being a Psychic Empathic means that you are sensitive to all energy sources that surround you both dead and alive. Such sources of energy would come from a human beings feelings, emotions, health, or mood. A psychic empath can hear people's thoughts and feel their feelings.

A psychic that can only hear things such as past and future sounds or what on people's minds is called; clairaudience.

A psychic that can write down what the dead are saying to them or ones that have a strong feeling of happiness dread or doom is called; Clairsentenance.
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Re: Physic questions: Help me
Post # 4
Maybe you should try divination that is a way of getting the answer to questions that you may have. I suggest rune casting, or astrology they are the best.
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