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The Trees...
Post # 1
Hello and Blessed Be. I am having a strange experience that I need assistance with. The struggle is, though, I'm not quite sure what it is. I feel it is a calling of some type. But, for anyone reading, please allow me to explain what I do know. I moved to my current town six years ago. I started going out to this set of trees by my house and since day one, I was always attracted to it. Throughout the years, my interest in that location has gotten stronger for particularly no reason. Many say I have a natural ability to sense, and I have felt a sense towards those trees. Almost every night I look out my window and I smile. I could stare for hours on end. The only thing that comes to mind is 'the trees' when I gaze out at the cornfield world. I develop this strong urge to wander out there and the want is deep. I feel that something may go on there, something tied to magick out there, in the veil of night. Also, curiosity deepened from a time last summer where I was walking last them one night. Someone was there and showed their prescence by a flashlight and I ran off. Another time I saw a man wearing all black walk very close to the trees and he disappeared in. That was during daylight. I want to decode any mysteries, but what could this sense be? ~Sullenmoon
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Re: The Trees...
Post # 2
This is just a guess but maybe those people you saw were members of a coven. And they go there every few nights for rituals. You are so drawn to that space because of all the magickal energy that passes through there.
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Re: The Trees...
Post # 3
That's exactly what I'm sensing. But the problem is, how do I find out? Should I go out there for my own magick practices on the full moon on purpose? Also, I noticed a woman was with a girl and they walked over to this dirt mountain together. An adult there? Not so common. Weeks later I saw the same woman in a further remote area. She pulled her car over and was collecting long lake weeds from a flooded lot and she stuffed them in her trunk.
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Re: The Trees...
Post # 4
I just had more flashbacks. My twin sister and I were there several years ago and we came across the skull of a male deer without any part of the body. Another time we found a box of deceased ferrets (sad and gross, but still). Once, I saw this weird creature staring at me from a tree. It was a strange squirrel, honestly I'm not sure. I ALSO now know that it's home to my Spirit Animal, the Owl. I met him through meditation. He came to my yard last night.
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