Spirits: Black Figures

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Spirits: Black Figures
Post # 1

Hello everyone, i was just curious to know, i am kinda reading on about spirits, ghost and hauntings etc. I am also a psychic medium and i know i can attract spirits when they want to appear to me in anyway or form. So i wanted to talk about was about spirits that appear in black figure form meaning kinda shadow like, where they are nothing but black and don't really have an appearence i can describe.

So i was meditating or trying to meditate on my couch in my living room, i was laying on my couch i tried to make sure i wasn't trying to fall asleep and that i was meditating. Because my body did tingle all over. So anyway as i was meditating i had my eyes closed and i a few minutes later i started to see my part of my kitchen and dining area and right beside couch on the right side i saw a tall black shadow figure standing near the front of the kitchen into the hallway. I am not sure if it was demonic, or evil spirit, it didn't feel negative too me. i mean i felt like it may have had dark energy but it did not feel evil to me once again.

It was just standing there looking at me. I don't think it said anything, thats mainly what i saw. I do feel like it could be still here. Unless its just a dream or vision or something. I wanted to know what you guys might think and if you have encountered any spirits like this before? If this was real through meditation or if it was me just dreaming it.

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Re: Spirits: Black Figures
Post # 2
Hey. I think I may know what you are talking about. It sounds an awful lot like shadow people. I have seen tons of them around where I live, they are just black figures. They don't really have a shape, and they are completely black.
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