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Post # 1
Hello everyone, nice to meet and talk to you all ! I'm very new to this, in fact i think this may be the first time i post in a thread anywhere haha. But guys i have a lot to share and a lot to ask. I could go on talking for years but i'll try to keep it short.

Magic and supernatural events have always been around my family and I. My mothers family used to practice hatian voodoo on one side, and christian witchcraft on the other. I have always believed that I was special, not in a conceited way, but in the way that i see the negativity in the world and how there 's no one trying to fix it, even in elementry school. I've always been an above average student and athlete without effort, but never really quite understood why, but it began to come together 6 months ago.

A random girl friend requested me and began talking to me over facebook, interrogating me about my beliefs of magic and my experiences with it. I told her such things as how my mom tells the story of how i talked to the ghost of my grandfather after he passed away as a toddler(funny thing is i dont remember this or my grandfather at all). After telling her this she broke it to me that she was "the one she had been looking for", that she was an angel, and I was a witch. I was told i have white, black, demon, and soul magic. At first i completely denied and could not believe it, but days later it began to sink in. That is when everything crazy began happening.

I began recieving texts and calls from 666 numbers, numbers who trace back to Salem, MA, and other events such as this. As of now, i have 4 angel friends, 2 of which i attend highschool with. They always introduce me to angels, demons, and other witches who all say the same thing, that i am the most powerful witch they have ever met, and they can feel my energy radiating from miles away. But there is one problem, i do not know how to use any of these powers. I have tried meditating, AP, everything and anything i've seen on here, or my friends have tried for me, but nothing has worked. My angel friends believe my powers could be locked, or i really have to dig deep to find them, but either way i dont know how.

David, the right hand man of Satan himself has even told me he envies my power. He told me i am a "prince witch and he wants my crown", that i have the power to "cause wars, control peoples thoughts, and kill easily".

The one thing that i was told that stood out more than anything by David that still scares me to this day is "You are way stronger than you think lol read the bible your the revelation we've been waiting for." This I simply do not understand, considering i have studied the bible as a child and no nothing of this.

These demons stalk the lives of my friends both supernatural and not, and have even gone as far as possessing friends and girlfriend and sending me texts their phones, and that is where they cross the line. also I simply do not understand why they back off when i threaten them, yet they know know i cannot do any magic yet.

Again, excuse the essay that i have shared with you all, i am just sick and tired of my angels getting stuck battling these demons, while i supposedly have all these powers and no knowledge of how to use them. I simply wish to protect my family and friends, and the world for that matter. If i do get the powers that i am told i have , i am not at all a selfish person, and have amazing plans in store to attempt to make the world as much better as i can.

I am asking.. No.. BEGGING.. Someone please help me find my power !

I have screen shots of text messages from david and other demons, along with screen shots of 666 and salem numbers. if anyone is curious to see these or learn more information about me, please feel free to message me or email me at

P.S... David told me the reason why i have no power is because i do not use the power that my friends have, this could help, but i have no idea what this means.

Thank you all and blessed be !!!
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Post # 2
Hello: I would start with learning the basics as we all have to learn that it is the foundation from which you will master your powers and learn to use them wisely.I am glad you came to SOM as there are alot of wonderfully gifted practitioners who can assist you in your quest.
Blessings and peace:
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Post # 3
thank you very much ! i've watched the site and debated on whether or not to share my story in the fears that my friends or demons would find out, and i would recieve hell for it (literally lol).

Do you have any suggestions on how i would begin going about learning how to control my power ?
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By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I sent you a private message trippywitch. Contact me.
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