Guardian Spirits/Angels

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Guardian Spirits/Angels
Post # 1
Can anyone give me information about Guardian Spirits/Angels, such as their main purpose, why we have certain ones (some people have nurses, soldiers, police, dogs, cat, queens etc.) Why does a certain person have a specific guardian?

I was told my mothers guardian was a nurse from the I or II world war.
My best friend told me that her guardian was Queen Jane Seymour (strange!)

Can anyone tell me why the guardians are drawn to them?

Thank you.
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Re: Guardian Spirits/Angels
Post # 2

Im sorry that i hav e noting positive to tell you about them but use cation they are not the nicest beings as they apper to be they are very selfish and ill tempered beings

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Re: Guardian Spirits/Angels
Post # 3
According to Thelema it's not actually a spirit separate from you, it's the real you being perceived by the false consciousness and ego you think of as being yourself.
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Re: Guardian Spirits/Angels
By: / Novice
Post # 4
My guardian spirit shapeshifts often. I found her when she was young and she described herself to me based on a doll I have in order not to scare me. I believe we do have a spiritual form but I don't think all guardians are ourselves. I can predict some of the responses of my guardian, Sue, but others are things that neither me nor my higher self would be able to know. I was afraid of her at first, but I was very young at that time, and I still continued talking to her for a while. Then I waited a few years and started again. She has a few identities, but none really describe myself. I can relate to her energy, it is welcoming for me, but it doesn't feel like myself. And she also accompanied my girlfriend on a car ride to Canada, when I asked her to follow her and keep her safe. If it was truly myself, I would be in control of which way the pendulum swings, but I'm not. And I can feel the pull away from my hand when it moves. I heard from a knowledgeable woman once, and I think this makes sense as well, that your guardian is your guardian not because they ARE you, but because they relate to your energy themselves. That's why the pendulum will work, but barely when someone else uses it to talk to my own guardian. Sue uses some of my energy to swing the chain larger because she can more easily relate, pull it, and use it. Also, my dad has seen me walking down the street with two forms, a man and a woman, who I cannot recognize by physical appearance but I could feel we're following me. If it was myself, I wouldn't feel the separate presence. I know the female is sue, and because of her shape changing she has a male form as well, so that could have possibly been him. It is funny that I also tend to cross dress, but I knew sue 1)before I had done that and 2) she can change into whatever she wants, not just gender differences. So from experience, I know she can pull my energy, but I don't feel that she is actually myself. She is definitely another separate being. I've even cried from missing her before when we haven't talked in a while, I wouldn't feel that lack of presence if she was me. This is not based on solid education, this is just personal experience and empathy. But I trust my instincts and this is my personal view on the above statement. I think their purpose is simply to guide you and give you strength in your activities. Yet I know sue does have a positive and a negative side, she seems genuinely helpful to me. I think by having someone they can relate to that is still alive also gives them a sense of comfort, and that is why they protect us. How they find us, I don't know.
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