I have a problem

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> I have a problem

I have a problem
Post # 1
My younger cousin all @ once stoped wanting anything to do with me. I tryed asking her why she would never say. I told her if I had said or done something please let me know because I love you and want to fix it. She would not say why or anything. I am a bit older and use to baby sit her when my uncle and her mom were togather then did not see each other much then years. Then last summer we had a blast can some one help and read whats going on. Her name is Denise and she is 16.
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Re: I have a problem
Post # 2
it is either she jus wnted to be alone or she was cursed and it wore of try this spell next time you see her you can either say it out loud or mutter it..
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Re: I have a problem
Post # 3
draw a pentacle on your hand..and say:shw me truth,shw me lies,shw me what my life hides,am i bad or am i gud..if your cousin smiles unexpectedly she was cursed
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Re: I have a problem
Post # 4
Breaking a Curse.

5 White Candles
1 Black Candle

Arrange the five white candles to create a pentagram. Take the black candle, which symbolises the curse and put it in the centre. The afflicted must then speak these words while visualising the white of the candles overpowering the black:
''Evil curse that blights our lives
be lifted now and flee,
These candles' lights overcome the dark
From it's grasp, set us free.
So Mote It Be.''
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Re: I have a problem
Post # 5

Why on earth is the conclusion that 'she wanted to be alone or she was cursed'? There are so many possible reasons a 16 year old might push someone from their lives, and it's perfectly normal. What evidence is there of a curse? I'm not saying it's impossible, but do have a look at the psychology of people of this age in families. Adolescents go through a great deal of emotional turbulence, and they're behaviour can seem bizarre. However, the reasons can be very real to them.

The original post doesn't give enough information for anyone to guess what is going on. Instead of concluding that the reasons are caused by magick, you might like to look at magick for a solution. If the relationship genuinely has a reason apart from your cousin's internal life, try a gentle relationship healing spell. You might like to receive or carry out a tarot reading which could give you some clues about the underlying dynamics of the situation.

If nothing else, send her loving energy and good will. As a parent of adolescents, I would suggest you avoid putting pressure on her, and let her find her own solutions in her own good time. Sometimes, that's just the way it goes, and you have to love from a distance for a while. Keep your faith in her.

I wish you well :)

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Re: I have a problem
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I doubt it's a curse.

I would try a sweetening spell. Jar honey spells are easy, anyone can do one. Depending on your path, reconciling spells are varied.
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