newbie needs spell advice

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newbie needs spell advice
Post # 1
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this site and seeing if anyone has any ideas as to a spell i might be able to cast.

The issue is that my fiance has a very controlling family, His dad sold his grandmothers house so he could spend the money on his own house, and she went to live with him. Problem is she is a nasty piece of work and is very hurtful and bitter, and nice as pie to your face but spreads awful untruths about everyone. Now his dad can not stand living with her anymore, so he has told us we have to move in a look after her. I refused to do this as i can't deal with the stress. but my fiance feels he can't so no and doesn't feel he can now get out of it without hurting someone. So these means we will have to spend years apart until she dieds or someone else takes over and nobody well. Is there a spell i could cast to make this situation go away so we get to stay together without having to in this situation? I havnt got enough room to tell you what this family is like, all i can say is they enjoy causing a great deal of emotional harm to not only eachother but everyone who gets in their way. I feel after 8 years of their abuse (except from my fiance, sweet and kind) i can't put myself in this situation again without being emotional and mental harmed. Thanks guys.
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Re: newbie needs spell advice
By: / Novice
Post # 2
i can. i love my nanie, but she's like that. my dad not like that mind, but i can relate.

unfortunately, outside of talking with him, there's not much to do. perhaps a sugar sweet jar, but i think that's more of a love spell, since it makes someone bitter towards you like you. try some candle magic for protection and/or fortune maybe. that's about all i can think of, sorry.
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