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Spirit Guide Art
Post # 1

Hello everyone i thought i would make a interesting post on about spirit guides and spiritual mediums. I believe that spirit guide are spirits who are with us the day that we are born. Even if we dont know who they are or why they are with us at the time that are born. The reason is because we are so young that we do not understand what these are and where they come from. All we know is that they are guides who make us feel comfortable about ourselves and help guide us in life.

But i also wanted to know if you guys have ever experienced spiritual drawings or art? I am actually drawing out one of my new spirit guides i have just met. I can litterly draw him from my mind. What he looks like and what he may be wearing. But i mainly just do portraits meaning the face of the spirit or person i see.

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Re: Spirit Guide Art
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I am an artist and do incorporate much of what I see spiritually in my art.
When something I've seen makes a strong impression on me, I do feel a strong desire to draw it. When this happens, I usually use charcoal as my medium because it can be used quickly and flows easiest from my mind to the page and I can add shadow and dimension effortlessly by smudging it this way and that with my finger or side of my hand. Pencil is too meticulous and paint takes too long. Once its down in charcoal, I may choose to turn it into a sharper piece of art with paint or detailed pencil work.

I don't draw spirit guides/guardians tho as I feel that most desire privacy concerning their identity
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