The Magicks of Earth

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The Magicks of Earth
Post # 1
Here is a new novel that I wrote, involving Magick. I hope that you will give it a chance!

Gaia, Queen of Earth, is the tale of a love that transcends time. It defies all rules and laws, and its very being brings proof to prophecies. Delve into the story of Alana and Zander, two everyday Magickal people living in a sheltered world. Witness as their unspoken attraction blossoms on the grounds of their secrets and experience the horror when they succumb to the inevitable. Unbeknownst to them, they were destined to royalty since generations before their births. The only problem? To be together- they must first survive apart. Ares, The God of War, has threatened the existence of The Magickal people by destroying their homeland and lifeline, The Isle of Magicks. If the Magickal people die, everyone on Earth will lose their humanity and humans will kill themselves off within a matter of months.

Only Alana and Zander's free will can save them all and restore the Isle. They will endure individual tests and learn important lessons along the way, but will they overcome separation? Will their love tear down an evil dynasty and restore hope and humanity to The Magicks once again? Or will Ares conquer The Magicks forever?
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Re: The Magicks of Earth
Post # 2
ooh sounds interesting! how do you make and publish a book?
and i hope i find your book in a bookstore soon :D
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Re: The Magicks of Earth
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Not a bad novel. The witchcraft story is not quite the same.
"The goddess was loved by the Oak God.She was "seduced" by the Holly God and became pregnant. The Holly God punished the Goddess to make her submit to his advances, and after she became pregnant he buried her beneath the earth, where she slept through the harsh winter months.When Earth started to warm with the "new Sun", the Goddess awoke and gave birth to Spring, who then became the new Oak God. And this is all the magic."
(From my teacher's note books.What would now be called a Book of Shadows.)
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