Family Magick History?

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Family Magick History?
Post # 1
Hello and Blessed Be everyone! I have been through many complicated situations the past few months or so and now I am discovering myself again. There have been many signs and divination readings performed that all result in "Positive" for me being a natural witch. I mainly had two prophetic dreams when I was young that show this fact. But, the other night I was speaking to a friend who has had much faith in the "natural witch" theory of me and what she said made me think: "Magick probably runs all the way back in the burning times of your family." And now I'm curious as to why this may have happened to me. I spoke to my mother about our family history briefly. I am 75% Polish and 25% Irish. She told me the Irsh descendants come from my father's side, which we don't have many recordings on. I am thinking of the possibilities of there being an early descendant who was a part of a Celtic tribe or something to that effect. The question is, is there any type of way I may be able to go around the loop and delve into my father's Irish family myself? Help would be very appreciated! ~SullenMoon
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Re: Family Magick History?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
genealogy. magically you can do past life regression, but genealogy would be best. true there are very little records for your father, that doesn't mean there aren't any at all. start by tracing back as far as your family knows, if you're lucky, they can give you things like hospitals family members were born at, or when they arrived in your country, from there, the government should have records, and you'll have to go to a hall of records, or a library, or museum [or where ever they may be kept] and trace it back. it's long and tiring but rewarding in my opinion. i don't think it can be traced back to Celtic practitioners. but if your family was Irish from before the British/Romans came, then they were most likely Celtic since that was the major religion.

however, if you want to trace back to see if you're from a long line of witches and therefore are a powerful sorcerer, it doesn't work that way. it's neat, but it comes from within, lineage doesn't matter too much when it comes to magic.
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Re: Family Magick History?
Post # 3
Thank you for the advice!
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Re: Family Magick History?
Post # 4
You power could also come from what many call the "soul". If you believe in the reincarnation theory (don't want to get into an argument over it's reality so I say theory)you can do, as was mentioned about, past life regression and see in your past lives whether you have past lives which influenced and strengthened you ability in this life.

As for your roots I know that the Polish come from both Nordic and Saxon tribes. Both of which had very strong witched that resided in them and we had quite a few notable witches and practitioners remembered even to this day. The Polish and Irish blood lines of yours were, at one point, influenced by Magick and you likely have witches in you family way back when. Take a look into your roots and you will find them. :D

Either way I think it is a culmination of both yor past life and blood lines that give you your power. :D
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