how to start a real coven

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how to start a real coven
Post # 1
Hello everyone,
so latly ive started a coven in real life and not online. So i gatherd about 3 members because in my small city nobody else i know is Wiccan or practice's witchcraft. Anyways I was wondering on what could i do for our first meeting? I am the leader of this coven by the way so if anyone could let me know on ideas on what to do for meetings, spells and getting members that would be great!
blessed be!
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Re: how to start a real coven
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I'm a priestess of a kindred, and while that's not exactly like a coven (we practice different things) there are a few things I would suggest.

If youre looking for more members: Advertising the availability of your group. Perhaps put something in the paper, or start a free online blog/website where you give out information on it. This attracts people. If you're a part of a school you could always start a group.

Make sure to get to know each member well. It's always handy to know the interests and backgrounds of each member so that you can plan things every member will enjoy. Getting to know and understand the path or beliefs they each hold is important as well. Perhaps, since you're starting small, ask each member to provide some suggested topics you'd like to cover when you gather.

A calendar is something you may wish to plan. In my kindred we outline all the future gathering times, the celebrations and rituals we will be doing. This makes it easy to look ahead. Perhaps discuss some rituals/spell work you would like to see the group do eventually.

When it comes to what you actually will do in the coven, such as the content of what to discuss and how to run it, etc- I cannot help. I'm sure my Norse tradition is not the same as what you're doing. :P

Best of luck!
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Re: how to start a real coven
Post # 3
ah yes thank you so much!
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Re: how to start a real coven
Post # 4
With this day and age I suggest you have some kind of legal backing for the basis of your coven if you plan on having anyone younger than 18 join. I've heard horror stories where a parent will call the police on someone teaching wicca claiming they're some sort of antisocial cult.
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