am i a psychic medium?

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am i a psychic medium?
Post # 1
I've had a passion for years! To see ghosts. I see them in my dreams and I sense them like crazy. Ouija boards and automatic writing always works for me. I've seen four shadows, one person, and a ton of spirits in my perifrials. I am terrified of the grudge, do any spirits look like her? I've heard them communicating to me through the answering machine and when I meditate on them I've felt one that's terrified, it grabbed my hand and it was terrified of all the spirits around... well I don't know exactly what I'm trying to ask except am I meant to be helping them? Can they be helped?? What do I do, how do I overcome this fear?? I believe I am destined to do this.
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Re: am i a psychic medium?
Post # 2
Yea me too. Ive had alot of sense of spirits and sometimes feels energy going through my hands
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Re: am i a psychic medium?
Post # 3
I can't really help to much to this, sorry :( But, I can help with one thing.... The grudge IS very scary! I've seen the movies. However, the movie isn't real, everyone is an actor. I suppose that there could be a ghost that looks like her, however. I'm really sorry, I'm no help >.<
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Re: am i a psychic medium?
Post # 4
There are NO spirits that look like the 'grudge' that's merely a movie. If you came across one that was 'terrified' it may have been simply a 'recently' deceased person who did not realize that he/she was dead. Other spirits to 'it' would not be as someone like you who is 'alive'. They can be helped tho they must 'want' that help. You need not be afraid of them as they are merely those who have passed and not gone onto where they belong. You could consider being a 'medium' to those who seek answers or to talk to loved ones. Be careful as being aware of them means they are also 'aware' of you. Loved ones who have passed on are not always available to those who seek them if they have moved on. Always have protection with you and above all be calm in the sea of the other side......
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