Prophetical Dreams

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Prophetical Dreams
Post # 1
Lately, my dreams have been becomming realistic the past couple of weeks. I use to try and induce prophetical dreams years ago by smoking mugwort. But I left all my spirituality long ago, and I think the reason coming back here to post this is quite legitimate.

Anyway, the past 2 weeks or so, I've been having a lot of realistic and symbolic dreams that I would occasionally look up the interpretation. I remember having a recurring one and reading up on it and apparently it said I'd find trouble with my family. A week later, I was kicked out of home. I thought it was just coincidental.

But just a week or so ago, I kept having dreams about mushrooms, ALOT of mushrooms (had recurring dreams 4 days in a row). Which is interpreted as losing money in an attempt of amassing wealth. Which I ended up doing unnoticed. In the past 2 days, I discovered scratchies and since then I've spent over $200 on them, and lost. I've been depending too much on relying on luck to fix all my problems not realizing how small the odds were. And now I have to starve myself the rest of the week to pay for rent.

I haven't been doing any spiritual stuff the past year or 2, but I have been on rare occasion doing automatic writing. Which by the way, for some reason I'd always get a response the second I invoke it to happen. But nothing useful has come out of automatic writing, no specific or valuable messages.

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Re: Prophetical Dreams
Post # 2
I had another interesting one who I hope someone can interpret.

I was in a room full of people waiting, playing chess, talking amongst each other. And big yellow door at the end of the room. Apparently I was in purgatory. I tried to talk to one of the guys waiting, and he told me it was all real and everyone here was too afraid to go past this point. He grabbed me and yelled at me to look him up when I woke up from my dream, he kept shaking me telling me he was well known.

And then some inception shit started happening haha, I woke up in my bed in the same position i slept in, jumped onto my computer and googled his name. I found information, but then I woke up again... In the same position and attempted to do the same thing. This occured about 4 times in a row until I actually woke up, and forgot his name... It was so clear to me the first time, but I just forgot it all...
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Re: Prophetical Dreams
Post # 3
It was limbo... lol

Thats freaky. Maybe it was someone smart, considering the chess part. Who knows?
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