law of attraction

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law of attraction
Post # 1
did anybody use law of attraction? i felt it very strongly,but i don't know how to use the law of attraction properly.although i read much about on Internet still confuse,if i give affirmation like my heart chakra has been opened,then does it work?
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Re: law of attraction
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I see you are from India. A family member of mine traveled there this year.

Then I'm sure you're aware of the Hindu belief of Dharma and Karma? Well the law of attraction is very similar, except there are no "rules" of Dharma or waiting time of Karma. It is merely positive action, thought and emotion "attracts" positive responses from others, a positive environment, and makes you overall happier and more content with your life. It is both psychology, science and spirituality combined.

It is the idea of "like attracts like" or "same attracts same". Positive energy (of a person's attitude/perspective, events, atmosphere of places, or objects) will attract positive energy and spirits, negative will attract negative energy and spirits.

Now we can use the law of attraction to explain magick too. As we sit there and concentrate on our goal, our entire being humming with the vibration of that goal, we are creating the energy of our goal, therefore attracting that end to us.

Magickal coorespondences also go off the synergy of herbs, stones, animals, based off color and behavior.

And sympathetic magick creates a representation of our goal so that our minds can see it happening. Once they believe believe it is happening/will happen and produce the proper energy, it only manifests once it is strong enough to trigger that change. Which is why some spells take hours, some take day, some take months, and some take years!
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Re: law of attraction
Post # 3
'o' Holy crap. Thats a lot of info Raven. Well done. I didnt even know half that.
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