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Post # 1
I have always my entire life had a strong connection and fascination with Atlantis, and recently found myself watching as many documentaries as I can get my hands on, websites, books, I talk to others who also believe, and thought perhaps I would share a few things here in a Thread.
I have a stream of documentaries on the legend of Atlantis that are most incredible to watch. I believe everyone should broaden their minds and educate themselves on all possibilities.
People are so in fear of the earth blowing up in December of this year, maybe thats the plan, but maybe it just means the end of an old way and the beginning of a new way. I believe it is the beginning of a new loving world that was destroyed many years ago, replaced by a corrupt controlling group. I believe minds are waking up all over the world, the veil is thinning, and the mental and magical worlds are realigning. do I believe there will be a war, of course I do, do I believe many lives will be lost, yes. do I believe the secrets of Atlantis will soon be revealed to the entire world, most certainly!
I highly suggest to anyone interested in this topic, to read Atlantis Rising, by Patricia Cori.
I fully expect plenty of wisecracks on this posting, and that is fine, I choose my path as everyone else chooses theirs, mine is to embrace what is coming! ( if you click on the subscribe option you can watch all 25 parts to this, it is full of information,)I hope people enjoy.
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Re: Atlantis
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Years ago I watched something on it. It was a scientific show displaying underwater exploration of a rising part of the ocean off the coast (can't remember where, it's been so long). I doubt the legends that it will rise and that it is some fantastical magick place, but from what I saw, it seems like it was a beautiful city and there may very well have been people who gained fame through their magickal practice that dwelled there. But like the Mayans, I feel that if people were so "powerful" they would not have died off. The cultures who have withstood the test of time regardless of hardship and disaster are ones who truly show their strength of spirit.

And as for this year in December, I don't believe anything will happen. The Mayan calendar is cyclical, and this is merely the end of the largest circle of their calendar
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Re: Atlantis
Post # 3
Actually most of your South American tribes didn't die off but like everywhere else in the world inter mingled with the Spanish to make up most of the population of Mexico and south Americans. The Mayans along with the Aztecs and Incas were masters at astronomy much like Sumerian Abyssinia Egyptian etc. However these cultures we honestly don't know much about. We got the general idea but an exact reason they did and built things like they did. The world is still pretty clueless on. As far as Atlantis goes I think at one time it may have existed but archeologists have found different ruins and pieces of land they're not too sure where it comes from. Do I think its a magickal place that's going to rise up out of the sea? No I personally don't, however I do think bits and pieces will eventually be found.
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Re: Atlantis
By: / Novice
Post # 4
In some Celtic places, people believe that Atlantis is a place in the afterlife, or the otherworld. They believed that It was a land of divinity and beauty where only the best people were allowed to go. It was like the heaven for the Celtic people's. I've always loved the myths surrounding Atlantis, but as everyone else, I don't believe that it'll come from under the deep in December. Nice thoughts, though.
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Re: Atlantis
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I ve seen once a dream that I was in very strange place and with a strange people and when I asked what is a name of this place passer by people told me that it's Atlantis,it was very weird experience,I was frustrated and wondering why and how I could breath under the
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Re: Atlantis
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Find a nice little article about Atlantis. You all might like it.
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