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Protection Herbs
Post # 1
I have done research on herbs for a little while now. I am very fascinated about the topic and use them often in my works and daily life.
I wanted to share some information that I have found in my research, in case anyone wants to know. This posting only includes the Herbs beginning with the letter A, The rest of the alphabet will be posted at another time, if anyone is interested.

Magical Uses for Herbs for Protection

AKA Cape Gum, Egyptian Thorn, Gum Arabic Tree
A sprig of the tree hung over your bed wards off evil. When combined with sandlewood and burned psychic powers are stimulated

AKA Agrimonia eupatoria, Death Angel, Magic mushroom, Death Cap, Sacred Mushroom, Redcap Mushroom
Used for protection in sachets and spells. Banishes negative energy and also to reverse hexes.

Ague Root
AKA Aletris farinose, Ague Grass, Black-root, True Unicorn root, Bitter grass, Crow corn, Stargrass and Star wort
Used for protection. Sprinkle around your house to keep away evil or carry in a sachet

AKA Aloe vera, Burn Plant, Medicine Plant
It prevents household accidents when a plant is kept in the home. Aloe is often hung over the door of a home to ward off evil.

AKA Althaea officinalis, Marshmallow, Mortidication root, Sweet Weed, Wymote
Burn as incense for protection or carry in a sachet. This is also used to stimulate psychic power. In voodoo practice it is placed on the altar to draw in good spirits.

AKA Angelica Archangelica, Archangel, Masterwort
When you grow Angelica it offers protection. When burnt as incense it offers protection, Sprinkle in all four corners of the home or around the entire house for to ward off evil. When added to a bath it removes curses and hexes or spells cast against you.

AKA Pimpinella anisum, Anneys, Aniseed
When a small pillow case is filled with Anise and slept on, it is said to prevent nightmares.
Burn as incense for protection. Place around the room to drive away evil. Place around your circle to protect from evil.
Also used for purification.

AKA Arbutus unede
Used by the Romans to chase away evil and to protect children.

AKA Assyfetida, Devil?s dung, Food of the Gods
Burn in small amounts for protection and exorcism. Used in a sachet for protection, but smells bad. Causes vomiting. Said to destroy manifestations of spirits when thrown into a fire.

AKA Fraxinus excelsior or F. Americana, Nion
When carved into a cross and worn as a necklace said to prevent drowning while at sea.
The leaves are used in sachets for protection, also placed around the four corners of the home. A staff made of Ash and placed over the doorpost wards off evil.
Also used for healing.
Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

I may have missed some of the Herbs that are used for protection, this should be enough to get started with.

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Re: Protection Herbs
Post # 2
Lovely work, Del! Enjoyed this post. (Perhaps this should be in herbalism though.)

For protection, i'd have to say Angelica is one of my favorites, along with asafoetida, garlic, sage, pine and acacia.

I sometimes make a powder from a few of those herbs and mix them together to form a sort of protection powder, and I find it works rather well. I add a pinch of black pepper at the end.
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Re: Protection Herbs
Post # 3

Nice choice in information here, i do like to suggest Cunningham to anyone looking for a particularly easy to use and detailed set of herbal properties.

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Re: Protection Herbs
Post # 4
Wonderful post and very helpful to anyone interested in starting work in the area of herbal magic.

Ellen Dugan is also a good choice for anyone interested in researching herbs and their magical properties. In her book Herb Magic for Beginners: Down-to-Earth Enchantments. She gives lists of various herbs and their magical properties as well as an herbal substitution list.
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