Figure Candles

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Figure Candles
Post # 1

Figure candles, while not necessary to any working, can be used to give your spells a boost. Lately I have been playing with making aromatherapy candles and I thought why not give these a try. There are two ways I know of that you can use to make them. You can carve a large pillar candle, or make your own pillar and shape it before it fully cools. You could use a mold to make them but wheres the fun in that lol.

Carving a store bought pillar candle : Set a clean tablecloth, newspaper or other cover over your work area. Using a small paring knife, remove pieces of wax from the pillar. Make sure you do not carve a huge chunk out at once or you could crack the whole thing. If you are finding it difficult you can light another candle and heat up the tip of the knife a bit. Once you get it down to the rough shape you want it to be, heat the knife and use the flat side to smooth out the wax. This only requires a very gentile touch and might leave "scorch marks" on the wax. Don't worry, those can be wiped off when cooled. For small details, I would use the tip of a metal nail file, or a safety pin and scratch the wax lightly to shape it. When finished, let the candle sit a bit to cool. Wipe off any smudges or bits of wax scraps with a cloth or paper towel and some lemon juice. Not only does the lemon juice clean it, it helps to purify it for your working.

Making a home made Pillar candle and carving : For this you will need a pound or more of wax bars (or old candle pieces), a large candle wick or taper candle, a piece of duct tape and a paper with a hole in the center (if using a candle wick) a large paper cup, a double boiler pan or medium sauce pan, and the tools used above. On low heat, melt the wax. Make sure it does not get too hot or start to boil, as this will weaken the wax. If using a candle wick, poke a small hole in the center of the cup and pull a bit of the wick through it. Tape the wick to the bottom with duct tape. If using a taper candle, melt the bottom a little and stick it to the center of the cup so that it stands up. Pour the melted wax into the cup. If using a wick, poke a hole in a piece of paper and pull the wick through the center gently. Set on top of the paper cup to keep the wick centered in the candle.

Let the candle cool till it seems mostly solid. This can take an hour or more depending on the size. When it is cool enough, peel the paper cup from the sides and you have your candle. This should be much softer to work with then the store bought. Repeat the carving process as listed for a purchased one, but you should not need to heat the blade, and if still warm can shape it somewhat with your fingers. Let it cool and clean off with lemon juice.

If you already have a specific purpose in mind, you can focus on that while making your candle. For example, I made one that was without a wick and formed it to the shape of a person I wanted to bind. You could easily make this as a poppet, even if you are not good at sculpting the human figure. While shaping my "bound one" I focused on the aspects of them I wanted to bind. They were a very negative person and I wished to bind them to positivity, so while carving them I pictured them laughing and playing happily, interacting with others around them in a more friendly fashion. It worked surprisingly well :)

Oh you can also add scents to your candles. Before pouring the wax, mix in a couple drops but no more then a 1/4 tsp of a scented oil. Stir well and then pour. If you want to add color, you can purchase colored wax, or candle paints. A trick my mom taught me is to melt the tip of a crayon and paint the designs onto the candle. If you do this, you have to let it cool a few moments in between colors or they smudge and blend lol. Well hopefully someone finds use of this.

Blessings xox


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Re: Figure Candles
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Awesome topic! For those who don't know what figure candles are used for, here is some pretty straight forward information on them.
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Re: Figure Candles
Post # 3
Good information, thank you for posting
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