A witchy situation

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A witchy situation
Post # 1
Merry meet all! I was hoping that someone here could give me insight on a little problem I have. You see, I am a practicing Neo-pagan and am part of my family coven. All of my friends know this and have accepted it. Now...recently a friend of mine has become obsessed with the "gothic" subculture and has come out and said that he is ALSO wiccan/neo-pagan. When I asked him about his views, they were NOT wiccan.
Now, I know the religion doesn't have a set of rules (aside from the reed) and that each person or coven worships differently, but his views were SATANIC! He was telling me about how he believes Satan is the ultimate god, and how he has racrifical ceremonies that involve the killing of animals. He then went on to tell many of our mutual friends about his practices. Again,I think it's alright to practice what you believe in, but I DON'T think it's alright for him to call it WICCA. I think it gives those of us are peaceful wiccans a bad name. Should I confront him and tell him that what is he practices isn't wiccan? Or am I wrong and that, even though it has nothing to do with the gods, godesses or elemental forces it is still a form of Wicca and I should shame myself for not thinking of him as a wiccan. Please help! Thanks!
J.M. Wylde
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Re: A witchy situation
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well there is satanists who dont sacrafice animals. i think you need to talk to him about hurting animals if he is under age talk to his parents if not talk to your family about it. Some people call them selves wiccan for the shock value so eventully he will grow out of it, but if it makes you angry enough then talk to him about it show him the 13 goals of a witch ,and the wiccan rede.
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Re: A witchy situation
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Why don't you ask him what his sources are. That should give you an idea of where he is getting his information. I'll be honest, I don't like neo-paganism and think it is all just a mixture of various cultural practices rolled into one with some very inaccurate views included. So it doesn't surprise me at all when people calling themselves neo-pagan are inaccurate about anything. I'm not saying you, yourself, have any inaccuracies in your practice (I don't know you) but in general, there are so many neo-pagans (and "new agers") who give magick a bad name, I find it more so than not. You're going to find it anywhere and everywhere (especially here on this site).

I suggest you look into classical pagan views and ancient practices. Pick a path and dig deep into research to free yourself of the "neo" title and separate yourself from that aweful word (and people like your friend)

If you are confused about the differences, here is a topic I posted a while back on the subject.
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