Good Witchcraft book?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Good Witchcraft book?

Good Witchcraft book?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I'm currently learning the art of the craft! Is there any books that you suggest or thought the book was very informational?
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Re: Good Witchcraft book?
Post # 2

There are so many, and such diversity. Way back, I enjoyed 'Hedgewitch' by Rae Beth. I recommend this because of the way it's written, which is in the form of letters to two beginners. It beautifully covers the wheel of the year, as well as being an informative view of the hands to earth living of a Witch.

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Re: Good Witchcraft book?
Post # 3
It depends what area of the craft your interested in...
Like for me I'm wiccan so I would ultimately refer a begginner to get these three books first if possible:
Raymond Bucklands: Complete book of witchcraft
Scott Cunninghams: Wicca a guide for the solitary practitioner
Denise Zimmermann and Katherine A. Gleason: The complete idiot's guide wicca and witchcraft
Obviously not all witches are wiccan, so even if you don't choose wicca as a pagan path those books will give you a slew of knowledge to start a definate strong foundation for the craft..
Raymond Buckland's book is like a text book filled with lots of knowledge, quizs after each chapter to see if you've retained what you've read, rituals,spells, practical magick, meditation,herbs knowledge,etc.. it basically will give you a definate start with a power punch into the craft. Scott cunningham's book is really easy to understand and he breaks it down for all to grasp it well it also includes easy solitary sabbats and esbat ritual, practical magickal practices, exercises,etc.. It'll also get you on your witchy feet and on your way, and the last book; The idiot's guide, doesn't mean your an idiot it just breaks down what it means to be a witch, and the diffrence between being just a witch or a wiccan or other path that goe's hand and hand with being a witch, it has spells,rituals,history, correspondants, all the basic knowledge needed and much more... Even if you don't get the other two books this book will get you up and kicking in no time also its a useful book to have on any witches shelf to refer back to as a note book if one doesn't want to go back through their slew of collected witch books over time..
Obviously theres many more books and like I said before it depends on the practitioner what variety of the craft they get into just make sure you get your strong foundation first...Those will do it for ya..
I hope you find all you need and that you have a blessed and light filled path
Blessing Be
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Re: Good Witchcraft book?
Post # 4
There are many books that have good information about witchcraft. Here are a few that are very good:

1.The Wicca Garden: A Modern Witch's Book of Magickal and Enchanted Herbs and Plants (Citadel Library of the Mystic Arts)
by Gerina Dunwich
2.Magick Potions: How to Prepare and Use Homemade Incense, Oils, Aphordisacs,and Much More by Gerina Dunwich
3.Wandlore: The Art of Crafting the Ultimate Magical Tool
by Alferian Gwydion MacLir
4.Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic (Cunningham's Encyclopedia Series) by Scott Cunningham
5.Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation by Silver RavenWolf
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Re: Good Witchcraft book?
Post # 5
I know alot of people don't like some of her stuff, but as a great reference book I gladly suggest " the ultimate Book of shadows for the new generation Solitary witch", by Silver ravenwolf..... This book is full of history, rituals, just about every thing a student could use as reference material.
Blessings and peace:
P.S. She has corrected the issues that caused the flak in her books.

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Re: Good Witchcraft book?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
It depends on the path you wish to take.
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