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Forums -> Comments -> Forum Improvements?

Forum Improvements?
By: / Novice
Post # 1
I've been thinking about this recently, and finally decided to post my ideas.
Could we possibly have a few features added to the forums? And before you say no, at least hear me out.

Option to edit posts-
I think it would be extremely useful for the users on this forum to have the ability to edit their posts. Then instead of double/triple posting we can just edit our last one. It will cut down a lot of useless posts in threads. Also, if someone is making a list, say of active members or people participating in an event, they don't have to keep a copy of the list offline if they don't want to since they can keep an updated version in the first post of the thread. Grammatical mistakes are a biggie too. Personally, I get really frustrated when I misspell a word and don't realize it until after I've posted, since I can't fix it. Or if you were trying to bold something, italicize, etc, what if you mess the code up by accident? You can't go back and fix it without an edit button.
Those are the main things I was thinking about for that option.

Preview posts-
Some people might not see the need for this, but I think it would be useful. When I'm on other forums, I always click the preview button before I submit a reply, just so I can check that I didn't make any mistakes. This would cut back on accidental misspellings and coding errors if the user was able to preview what they typed before they sent it.

There were a few more things I thought would be beneficial, but these are the ones I'll leave here for now. I hope my suggestions will at least be considered. :)

Blessed Be! ~Rain
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Re: Forum Improvements?
Post # 2
I really agree with both of those ideas, epecially the first. I always realize I made a mistake with my post AFTER I posted it, and I can't change it. Previewing helps, too. I don't really get why this site doesn't have either.
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Re: Forum Improvements?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I deleted two posts today maybe three times apiece after I realized I made a mistake and there was no way to edit them. I would fix one mistake and discover another. I couldn't help but wonder who might see my post disappear and reappear so suddenly as I deleted and reposted it. A edit and preview feature would be great as I like making clear and concise posts and am prone to mistakes.
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Re: Forum Improvements?
Post # 4
I get confused in these posts.
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Re: Forum Improvements?
Post # 5

I made a post like this but people seemed to disagree. But, I do this you elaborated more the Post Edits than I did. I'm glad we all like these ideas!

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