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Gris Gris
Post # 1
Gris gris, conjure hand, conjure bag, spell bag, toby, mojo hand, wanga, gree gree, they all add up to the same thing, a bag made with blessed items, stones, and herbs carried on the person to aid in aspects of life. Most believe that if another touches the charm it will loose all power for the holder, each ingredient is picked to add power to the charm, with each piece being prayed over and then added to the bag which is then prayed over as a whole. The bag is then carried on the person and *fed* with oil, spit, holy water and the like. When I was younger I made what i called spell bags something within told me that a charm made up of different herbs and stones carried on the individual would bring that person the outcome they desired, and while I was working an occult shop I would make these "spell bags" by carefully putting each ingredient into a large wooden bowl while asking each ingredient to aid my cause, then I would mix the ingredients by carefully working the bowl in a clockwise pattern praying again that the ingredients would aid my cause, I would then add the mixture to a bag chosen by color and hold the bag in my hands warming it with my energies filling it with purpose. I am not saying that this is the only way, I am saying that I did not learn to do this by any teacher, I trusted my instincts, and something from inside of me, as well as from without influencing my actions knew what to do. It wasn't until I started my journey into Voodoo and Hoodoo that I found a name for what I had been doing all along. I was surprised to find that a fair number of seemingly small things that had become part of my practices were linked in this way.
I wrote this, but I still like to site my sources
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Re: Gris Gris
Post # 2
Thank you for this wonderful post Mentis :)
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Re: Gris Gris
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I made small bags when I was little too. Except I didn't pray over it (I've never felt comfortable with praying). I used to add small things into it that I found or was given that meant something to me. Some were gemstones, others were small charms or things I found in nature. No one told me to do it. I did it naturally as well. Later, when I could understand the concept, I was told by my mother that it was what Native Americans called medicine bags. Each object inside represented something special to me. I'd carry it everywhere and I wouldn't let anyone touch it. I carried one all the way through my teens, although the objects inside became more authentic (no marbles or buttons). =)

I don't carry a medicine bag everyday anymore. I do still use a small pouch with charged herbs and gemstones (and the occasional feather) when I desire protection etc. I stopped carrying my bag when I began working, for fear that I would lose it or that it would be stolen. I have items in it that I've had since I was a child, as young as five years old. I would cry if something happened to it.

When I am performing a ritual that needs to work for an extended period of time, at the end of the ritual, before closing, I will place key objects/ingredients from my ritual all into one bag. If it is for me, I will carry it on me for however long I need it. If it is for someone else, I put the bag somewhere safe, such as in a dresser drawer. If it needs to be used for a very long time, I do "feed" it with new items that empower the purpose.
When the goal is complete, I thank those who aided me, then I take everything out of the bag, return any natural ingredients (such as sand, dirt, herbs, and the like) back to the earth. And the rest is smudged.

Is this similar to gris gris/spell bags? I've heard of them, I just never read deeply about them and the way they are used. I wouldn't know where to start--what sources were good. There is so much inaccurate information on Voodun and hoodoo out there. I would love for you to write more on them. I really enjoy comparing my ways with the ways of other cultures. Sometimes the similarities can be uncanny.
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