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Forums -> General Info -> Dreams/visions/Recreate.

Post # 1
Ok,ok,ok,ok.ok.You hate me,then go somewhere to feed yourself!

I had these weird dreams from where i started to say from an accident.I spoke to myself,i have power beyond.I didn`t know why i said it,it just came to me.Thats when everyone of this weird dreams/visions came to me.They kept repeating themselves.

1st-I found myself in my house,holding a white mask that had a symbol on somewhere on it.
2nd-I had weird encounters with shadows and guyz in white robes again.
3rd-I was running to somewhere and the clouds,no,the skies were orange.Its wasn`t really good.
4th-My bro and i were in army uniforms and went outside carrying rifles.There was a cloud with something purple,lighting was on it and it became bigger.
5th-Mysterious guy was teaching me about magick.It was in some school.
6th-I was with my friends when some guyz under something weird,attack us with no reasons.
7th-I found myself on board a military ship.Evacuation was what i thought.
8th-A friend told me who i am.I still don`t know why he said that but i had somehow got the power of dark.
9th-I saw poor people needed shelter and homeless,even rich people.(Was it cause by war?)
10th-I was with my father and we were like carrying some papers with some engineeering or scientific diagrams.
11th-I was in some sort of secret base which made some weapon made with new biochemicals.
12th-it was night and i was somewhere on a valley and fought against Demons or goverment troops.
13th-I found myself fighting a demon within me.Why?
14tH-Why did my right arm had a symbol?

I found something after that.When HealeRaven wrote about the chosen ones.I was spinning an exercise wheel,watching a light post,how a raindrop falls smoothly and why i see darkness.
These things aren`t the common things i do but somehow i was attracted to it and started to get a very weird but familiar aura.This was how i started to find myself to be in amnesia/frost how soul did.

The stars started to shaped themselves into a 4,moon shone too brightly.I found a joker card on that day too in the afternoon.
Then a queen of diamond card on the next day.It really freaked me out.Its like i`m finding tarots by accidents.

The other weird thing happened to me was that there`s another dream i had.It was something like reconstruction of a new city.We`re like in a bigger land than before and was definitely big.New technology created and so far,something of an empire came from the news.Like they`re swallowing earth.The second dream happened was that i was somewhere on the night and something BIG! TRIED TO ATTACK US!!

I maybe called as an attention whore but i`m doing this cuz these dreams,weird occurance,they kept repeating again and again and again and again that i can`t sleep well.I need some help,i don`t want crap please.You want to say this is bullshit.I`m opened to any suggestions or even threats.I`m doing what i have to do to find out what i am.

*Peace is a fragile glass,Destruction is the sign of falling rocks and fires.No Human ever wishes to feel torture for no reasons.Nothing says that we will go to hell because of magick.

I`m against the bible now.I don`t care how much it is for or whatever.If the Bible says we go to hell.I say that everything we did for was a waste.

Thank you.
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Re: Dreams/visions/Recrea
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Playing cards aren't actually tarot cards... it's just they have four suits and the Joker/Fool that kind of correspond to each other. It's interesting, but if you found a full deck of playing cards wherever you've been finding the Jokers and Queens, a lot of the major arcana would still be missing.

I think that when it comes to dreams, experience of battles and being under siege can -- equally likely -- mean a psychological/emotional crisis, as an astral reality. When you jump to the "astral reality" conclusion right away, it's too easy an excuse for not dealing with more internal issues. You know?
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Re: Dreams/visions/Recreate.
Post # 3
No,two of the dreams happened in reality.I wasn`t in the astral plane at all.I was unconsicious and my mind didn`t even thought of having astral or anything else.
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Re: Dreams/visions/Recreate.
Post # 4
Maybe they are visions of your past lives. Ok someone had to say them i was just getting them out of the way, now i will ask some very obvious questions...
1. What was the symbol on your arm and mask?
2. Who did your friend say you were?
3. Who was the demon you were fighting?

Now i am gonna say that you have some really wierd deams. Mine are wierd like tha too sometimes.
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Re: Dreams/visions/Recreate.
Post # 5
Thats what i`m trying to figure out.
And no.I don`t have a past life at all.I only have my past.

The mark i had was like a Crescent,stars and a rectangle that i soon recall it a light.Yea,that mark was really weird.

As for the dream when my friend said "someone knows who you are.".I don`t know but everything happening to me are recalling something i was to be.

And that beast,it had glowing eyes that were sharp.I think i finally saw my beast face.
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Re: Dreams/visions/Recreate.
Post # 6
beast face? is that like your inner demon or something?
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Re: Dreams/visions/Recreate.
Post # 7
can you help me to have dream visions
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Re: Dreams/visions/Recreate.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Deathdemon, forum etiquette. You don't ask a question pertaining to a totally seperate topic in someone elses thread. That's rude. Start your own topic, then you will be responded to.

I've had some crazy dreams like yours. You said something about it repeating? Repeating dreams are a sign of one of three things, a prominent issue in your mind (psychology), a spirit trying to get across a message, or a past life recall.

I personally don't see why this dream cannot be looked at as both psychological and spiritual. It has a strong spiritual theme, as well as an old times. Unless you have a tendency to watch old army/war movies, the psychological link to this is lacking.

I suggest meditating on these questions of yours. The symbol, the "inner demon", anything it is that stands out. Take your time. Clear your mind and focus on one at a time. Once you've cleared your mind let the natural thoughts flow and "listen" to yourself. Observe as your subconscious gives you the answers you are looking for.

Dreams such as this are very personal. The only answers you will find would be through divination and meditation.

Good luck!

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Re: Dreams/visions/Recreate.
Post # 9
reply on my thread it is called just visions
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