I need a person Cursed

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> I need a person Cursed

I need a person Cursed
Post # 1
Hello, I am looking for a high priestess, or an well experienced spell cster who can put a curse on a man that has caused me an enormous amount of pain and suffering.

I've given this much thought and I am positive that this is what I want to be done.

I have worked with santeria priests befor and I am psychic as well. This man must be punished, he is an evil man.

Please don't respond with any negativity, If you aren't able to assist me than please kindly refer me to someone who can.

Thank You.
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Re: I need a person Cursed
Post # 2
I can help you,but YOU will curse him!
Mali me ;) Tell me all about it!
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Re: I need a person Cursed
Post # 3
hmm,curses should usually be done by the person who has been directly linked/hurt from that person.I Agree,there are a few people who will do the curse for you but you will carry the outcome.Therefore..i'll only help if the reason seems valid and your positive about what you want
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Re: I need a person Curse
Post # 4
I know you have given it some thought but what about karma and the basic lore in witchcraft "what ye send out comes back to thee" and three times worse. This guy should be getting what he deserves in the end.
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Re: I need a person Cursed
Post # 5
There are many ways to make someone pay for an evil deed and there are always two sides to every story. Usually I find the neither side can see the thing he or she did wrong until someone points it out. Providing the person requesting the curse is the one that will be performing it and not the two boys that are willing to help, the reproductions are for the person asking. If this is what the person really wants and is willing to deal with the consequences, it is her decision. Sometimes if justified, I think a curse on another can bring the caster back good.
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