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animal help!
Post # 1
i have a wonderful jackrussel-pitt mix, greatest doggie in the world. but he has anger issues, over food mostly, and he can be very spiteful (peed on a coat this morning because i didnt let him out in time). I love my dog, but i am not realy a "dog person" per say, so i donot have that natural way with them. Does anyone have any spiritual, telapathic, or anuthing like that, techniques or tricks i can use to help my doggie to stay calm, to mind, and to understand the rules better? he does alot of anoying things, and the house owners are starting to het fed up, so this is of extreme importance to me..
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Re: animal help!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
How about talking to your dog? That always works with mine. Litterally having a conversation, even if they look at you blank faced.

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Re: animal help!
Post # 3
great idea! i talk to my dog every day, but generaly dont realy converse, and tell him what I want him to do and all that. I personaly think that after so many years of dogs with humans, and changeing them so much from wolves, that there brains have changed to understand human much more. Insticts change to fit life styles, there life style is to be with humans, it seems nesisary that they learn our ways, our words, and in my old family dogs case, numbers. btw, my jacky, he can say "no", literaly. he says it very out of place though, say, when he wants to go out, perhaps he just thinks the word is powerful, lol. thanku!
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Re: animal help!
Post # 4
take him to obedience classes, or there is training techniques. for one address the issues make him sit and wait before you give him food. then using a broom handle so you do not get bit, slowly move it towards him while he is eating talk to him softly. but keep moving the broom beside him, tell you can move him away from the dish and pick up the dish do not show fear do this everyday until he willing moves away from the dish consistency is key. this is asserting your position as the alpha do not tease the animal, but you must establish the leadership of the pack.when taking your dog out make them sit and wait by the door on leash until they are calm, do not feed their excitement. then you go outside first, work on basic commands such as sit, lie down, and stay. consistency and a calm assertive manner is key. if you do not feel you can do this a trainer is your best bet they will walk you through everything. good luck as a owner of a pack of 12 dogs and four cats and several rabbits. I understand how hard it can be to maintain discipline in the pack but remember while they may be our babies they are not kids, they have different needs.I love all my babies but i must maintain my role as pack leader if i expect them to listen getting frantic accomplishes nothing. so keep calm, and you can resolve this and not lose your best friend:)
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